Blood tests every three months. It would be sooner if it was up to my doctor. It’s like I’m living my worst nightmare and I’m very sick of it. I’m about ready to take the pain of living without medication (even on it the pain is almost unbearable) over getting my blood drawn. I can’t go through it again. It’s my worst fear and I can’t keep doing it. It’s not making my fear any better.

That’s a tough one, Kitty. You aren’t the first person to suffer a phobia, and it truly is suffering. As if you haven’t suffered enough already. People get over phobias, but it usually takes a little help from someone who is specialized in working with people who suffer them. There are several ways of getting over it – some people go to counselling, others use hypnosis. You can do this, and I think you really need to take some steps to overcome this. It’s really important for your long term health.
Have you discussed your phobia with the docctor? With your GP Did s/he offer any suggestions?

My doctor just gives me antianxiety medication but I’m really tired of it because yes it stops me from potentially hurting him or myself it doesn’t stop the panic feeling at all. My mom tried to get me into councling for it once but I didn’t like the lady so I stopped going. So I just really don’t want blood work anymore. All I do now is worry about when my next appointment is. Every day.

The anti-anxiety medication is better than nothing, but I really don’t think it’s the answer to the problem. (Sounds like you’ve figured that out too!) You are strong and smart and, with some effort, you can do this. If you didn’t like the counsellor, there’s no point in continuing. But I do think that you need to do something to tackle this thing. And swearing off blood work (which also means giving up the treatments which have been proven to be effective) isn’t the answer.
People can and do conquer all kinds of fears – fear of flying, fear of dogs, fear of going out in public, fear of … you name it. You can do this, and I think you need to try to find someone to help you. Can your doctor’s office give you some leads?

Kitty, some years ago I met an incredibly enlightened psychologist who uses kinesiology (which is basically using the interaction of the muscles and energy meridians of the body) to treat fears and phobias very successfully. He worked in the same building as a dentist and helped patients who were paralysed by their dental phobia.

At the time I had an anxiety thing going on about driving .... all I can say, without writing an essay, is that one one hour session got rid of it. Never to return .... and we're talking about 20 years ago now.

If I'd not experienced it first hand I'd probably laugh and said 'no way'. I can't explain it but it worked.

As a treatment modality it is non-invasive and harmless so might be worth seeing if you can find someone who practices kinesiology near to you and ringing to ask if this is something they have experience with. I'm also going to have a dig around on the internet and see if I can find anything else specifically about using it for fears/phobias for you.

For the immediate future, can you request numbing cream? I know a teenage with ulcerative colitis, and yes, she has blood drawn every three months. She used to really struggle with it, but has used a numbing cream for a few years, and it's become no big deal.

You're right to stop seeing the person you didn't like, but I would encourage you to try again. I'm going through this with my daughter right now. She doesn't like the first person that I took her to, so we're going to try again. Not my favorite thing to do, but she needs the combo of meds and talk therapy.

Thanks Jules I’ll look that up. Stoney, I do use a jell that numbs my arm. It works pretty well for not feeling anything. The only thing I feel is that stupid band that cuts off the circulation so they can find a vein.

I went looking, and I found a self-help guide for anxiety and phobias. It looks really good. It comes from a psychology department at a very reputable university on the west coast of Canada.

I really enjoyed reading it. Its URL –

I think it would be worth giving the techniques a try, Kitty!