Side effects from meds

I have had relief from Prendisone for a flare that I am in, then the time came to reduce my dose by half and I am almost right back there with the pain.

It feels like my meds are not working and the side effects are hard to work out what med is causing what side effect. The naseaus, reflux, pain in my stomach, woozy head, not sleeping, breaking out in a sweat, and ringing in my ears . I am keeping a meds diary and what my reaction is and trying to spread my meds so there is couple of hours in between.

I have tried doing without a dose of meds to try and work out what it was causing and that made me realise that some are working but in a flare it just feels like nothing is working. I do still feel that the Sulphasalazine have stopped working. It doesn't and hasn't felt like the Mtx is doing anything and I have felt this way for a good six months but my Rheumy insists that I continue taking it and I have.

I have discovered that my NSAID are giving me a stomach ache and causing me to break out into a sweat. My pain med is the one to cause me to feel woozy and naseaus. I am leaning towards thinking that a combination of my meds or more than one causes similiar side affects of naseaus, not sleeping, reflux and ringing in my ears.

I plan on presenting my dairy to my Rheumy on my next appointment at the end of next month.