Severe PsA flare - any advice welcome

Hi all - diagnosed PsA several years ago. Was on Cyclosporin which worked well so stopped it after 3 years as I put on quite a bit of weight taking it. Have been relying on 200 mg Naxproxen daily. Bought a stationery exercise bike a month ago and managed a 15 minute session without pain one day. Next morning woke up and could hardly walk knee pain so bad. Had to hold onto walls to get to bathroom and was limping badly for 5 days. No longer limping but knee pain continues to be terrible. Rheumy has put me back on Ciclosporin but only a week ago. On a good day I can walk 300 yards but the pain is excruciating. Rubbing knees with Pernaton and Voltaril cream helps at the start of the day but pain soon returns. Walking is made even more painful as I have a large heel spur which rubs against footwear and also bad foot sole pain - recent steroid injection into sole (serious ouch!!) has not helped at all. Trying to lose weight as I know this will not be helping knees and ankles. But worried about using bike again?

Please can anyone advise or share what helped relieve pain/worked for them in similar situation? In agony, seem to be losing mobility very quickly and am so scared for the future.

I’m sorry you’re having such a bad flare.

I’m wondering why you were put back on a drug that you were taken off of because of weight gain. Any of these medications take time to work, but putting you on a medication that you were taken off of for side effects doesn’t really make sense to me.

I would encourage you to have a conversation with your rheumatologist about moving on to the next medication, preferably moving you on your way to biologics. It seems like what you need is more aggressive treatment, not more of the same.

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From personal experience what solved worse outcome so far was combining no carb no sugar no grains just meat fish cheese eggs butter water coffee salt and magnesium diet combined with medication combinations given by rheumatologist. Thanks to diet I lost excess weight, I was on methotrexate plus cortisone initially now methotrexate plus biologic cosentyx, I remember that during a bad flare both fasting and diet of the kind I told you worked. Medicines stop disease progression I believe, so I think combining these two procedures should bring relief, please let us know how you get on all the best

Severe knee pain sounds alarming to me because once my knees became swollen and increasingly painful, nothing really sorted them out till I started biologics. That was years of disability, basically.

Well, that’s just me - it’s what your rheumy thinks that counts but I’m kind of surprised that he or she isn’t a little more concerned. The knee joints are big and very important! This isn’t just about pain but about the potential for damage too.

Just cyclosporine? I dunno, I’m shaking my head …

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Agree with Sybil, biologic added to Methotrexate was point I stopped crutches more or less