Routine check up not so routine

Hi guys, I haven’t been here for a while as I have been doing ok and needed a break from the disease (I’m sure we have all been there)… I went for a check up on Thursday - I had been well apart from the last month feeling extremely tired like I was coming down with a flu that never eventuated and I had one day in bed where I couldn’t barely function at all, felt so dizzy and nauseous and aching all over. My rheumy said my recent bloods came back with low hemoglobin and lymphopenia. She asked if I’d been sick, I told her about the symptoms, she said it could be from a virus or infection but asked me to get repeat bloods straight away and she will call me on Monday once she gets the results. Is this a fairly common thing to happen to us while on methotrexate and sulfasalzine? It said on my results that my iron studies were low too and that it could be from chronic kidney disease or disorders of erythropoiesis… Is that a routine thing they write when they get those results as a precaution? Have you guys had this happen before? Thanks, Kelly