Rib pain?

For the last week, I’ve had a dull aching pain in my middle back and wrapping around towards the sides. At this point, The pain is just in my middle back and wrapping around the front of my ribs on the left. Not surprisingly, my fatigue level is up as well. I know that pain from costochondritis is typically sharp and in the front. There is no sensitivity to touch, and the heating pad is doing little to nothing. I have been using bio-freeze, and that temporarily helps.

Any thoughts? I’m debating whether I need to see the doctor at this point, and who? The GP? My rheumy?

I am sorry you are having pain Stoney. I would still guess costochondritis as ribs have cartilage there too. But it is just a guess, you want to check with a doctor especially if accompanied with cough and/or fever.

I do not know whether I have had the same problem, but it could be. It felt like I had broken ribs but there was no reason at all for it to be the reason for my pain. Every breath I took, made it hurt more and I didn't feel like doing much as most things I did just aggravated this pain. This was because my back was out. It was hard to comprehend this was the reason but it was. I saw an Osteopath

You will know if it is this is your problem if you lie on a hard surface on top of a rolled up towel. Put the rolled under your spine in the region that would line up with your rib pain. . Move the towel up and down a little to see if there are any sore and tender spots that stand out from the rest. If it is you might like to try gently rolling from side to side with your knees bent up on your chest. This might help if this is the reason for your rib pain. Far better to do this after warming up and some gentle stretching exercises or a massage. Seek the help of a Chriopractor or an Osteopath if you feel it could be this and there is no improvement.

Hope you resolve this problem soon whatever it is.

Hi, I was just thinking as I was reading your post that it may possibly have something to do with your kidneys. If I were you I'd head to the GP. Good luck.

I often have a similar sounding pain, and have costochronditis, my pain in my mid back is caused by marrow oedema in the T6 - T10 area shown by MRI scans, maybe you have similar?

No cough or fever, other than a very mild dry cough that I've had for months. Guess I'll be calling up the GP tomorrow for an appointment. It's how I love spending my day. Which means I'll likely need x-rays as well, to start things off. It's not unbearable. No trouble breathing or moving around. Just making me a bit batty, as I can't get comfortable much of the time. And last night it gave me trouble sleeping. Thanks for the feedback.

I get this pretty regularly. Just another little present from your autoimmune system.

How long does it usually last?

Sherm said:

I get this pretty regularly. Just another little present from your autoimmune system.

It varies. Sometimes part of a day, sometimes several days. Not any fun. First time I had it I thought I might be having a heart attack. Get it checked out to make sure.

I get this occasionally, but I can tell pretty clearly that it is muscular. It's from my back (it is not a spine problem my back is in great shape), wrapping around my sides, but doesn't reach my front. I slap a Thermacare pad on my back and it helps the muscles going around the sides relax and helps the pain.