Remicade & Itchy skin/ wrist braces

So far I have had 5 infusions. The past week I have begun itching. Mostly on my arms & shins,I can’t really see a rash but it feels a little rashy. Benadryl isn’t really helping,is this most probably a side effect from Remicade?

2nd question,the Remicade seems to be helping some joints but not my left wrist,what supports/splints do you all recommend. Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about the itching - it must be irritating! I have no idea if it's associated with the remicade and wish I had a solution for you. Have you tried putting anything on it to help soothe the itching?

I use these: and LOVE them.

What I found out is that my wrist and thumb problems are not due to active psoriatic arthritis and are likely osteo plus instability. I have a lot of joint instability. When I added in leflunomide, I found that everything but my thumbs improved. I have a bunch of different splints including a custom one. I really like the 3PP producs too.