Has anyone have good luck with remecade. I want to ask my doctor for it . ive been using embral for two years its time to change .I have both psoriasis and arthiritis.

Hi, yes I've been on remicade now for a couple of years. It has really helped me. Usually about a week before my next infusion I can start to feel it "wearing off" my dr has now increased it to 800 from 500 mls. Every 28 days..

Even my skin has cleared up. Along with my scalp and other random spots.

Good luck

Hi DonnaB....I heard on here that Remicade is the only biologic medicare will pay for. Unless you have a private retirement health care plan after you turn 65 that would pay for a different biologic. So you might want to try another biologic besides it at this point and switch to Remicade when you're 65. :-)

Side note on Medicare, I have a friend with RA and she's 68 and gets Cimzia every 4 weeks in the doctor's office. Medicare covers it because the doctor gets it and mixes it (dry) with the saline for a double injection compared to the one you do at home every 2 weeks.