Read one of movmctov posts about "running",

Read one of movmctov posts about "running", and I would like to comment.

When I was first diagnosed a long time ago, I was adamant that I would get more in shape (lift weights, run the apartment stairs..ect..), if only to give muscle protection around my joints, and for a while all was good. But after a period of keeping fit and physical, I began to experience joint problems (elbow(s), knee(s), hip(s)). I had to stop certain activities, and wait for things to simmer down, and then I would get back at it. Unfortunately over time, I had permanently damaged some of my joints, like my elbow joints where I can not straighten my arms all the way...not that bad, but I lost some motion. So I had to stop the exercises that put pressure on my body, and began to swim. I believe that swimming is the best excursive for PA, although meditation helps, and also of late I have begun some Yoga. I'll give it a try.

All this started for me a long time ago, and the immunology concept (enberl for example) wasn't on the horizon. When I started Enbrel, I could do a lot of things I hadn't done for decades, like run, although for me, my legs bend okay, but not all the way. But I could run, however, the drugs like enbrel seem to ware off after several years. Some say because our bodies get resistant to the drug (s). Don't worry, they will continue to develop more better and effective drugs, enbrel is considered a weak drug in comparison to other immunology drugs on the market.

My point is this (hurray). You have to start thinking about the long term, and change some of your more active exercises that are more harder on your joints. I know runners who have no arthritis who end up with knee issues from running. There are other activities that you can do to keep in shape, help your mind and soul. DON'T stop running if you don't want to, but cutting down would be something to think about. You have only had this disease for a short time, and the damage it has done is probably minimal. With the proper drugs you will feel much better. Symptoms may become worse, but will subside. ITS JUST that you have to take care now, don't push too hard all the time. You have to take care of your body more now than ever before.

About Enbrel, great drug. I stared it on a pilot, and subsequently it was prescribed by my dermatologist. However, the drug is costly, (1000 bucks a shot) and I had to go through our Trillium program here in Canada to get it, and my history of psoriasis medications became a prerequisite that began with creams, UV light treatments, the severity of the psoriasis, and a medical check to make sure I didn't have the TB gene (if you do, you have to go for a couple months of treatment to get rid of it before you go on enbrel). I'm dont know how the drug programs work for self employed people in Movmctov's neck of the woods but for me, first I needed a doctor to acknowledge that I needed it, (rhumy or dermy,) and then the insurance comapny wanted to make sure I had tried all other avenues before going to this drug. If your psoriasis is under control, you may be better off with conventional drugs for now, unless you are really inhibited, and wait a little before going on the immunology stuff. The drug had a massive improvement on my psoriasis, which was my main concern, and why I went through my Dermy. The side effect was that it also had a massive effect on my arthritis. If you are, try not to get stressed out over getting Enbrel, its just a matter of whether you need it right now, as it sounds like your diagnosis is farly recent, and there are other medications that may take a little time to work. If you do need it, you will get it, if not don't panic, it just may take a little longer.

Hiya… God I love my running but been a year since I ran cause past two years been bad wit flare ups mainly my feet and adductor muscles but lately my knee is joining the party. Fun and games. I dream of getting back to running when there’s less pain but what you said I appreciate and really need to take on board… Only last week huge flare up AGAIN in ankle and stil in considerable pain. Waiting to get going on the enbrel but can’t seem to pin down the nurse suppose to be organising that and giving me that TB test. They also did a chest X-ray to check for that … So hopefully soon. I dream of getting my active life style back and hope this will be the answer but it may only be for a short time. In Ireland we don’t seem to have problems other countries have accessing medications. We have a drug benefit scheme so any household can’t pay more than 130 I think a month. And im already thyroid meds and the hubby in meds do wont pay much extra so lucky there… I do hope very much it helps because at the moment I can’t come of steroids without a flare up. I don’t have psoriasis but I’m sure it’s in the pipe lines and we have it. As far as exercise goes I have taken to swimming but it causes sharp pain in my knee and have to stop its so bad and my new love to keep me going is cycling … I find very little pain in my bike when not having flare up that is… And joined a cycling club in my area. Signed up for a 100 mike charity cycle in September. We will see. I’m still in my active mindset which is hard to adjust… I get down trying to accept the limitations my body puts in me. Thanks for your reply. I do really appreciate it.:slight_smile:

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Hi there, actualy, the quicker you get on some drug that works for you, preferably a biologic, the less permanent damage to joints etc should occur. I am presently in the second phase of a drug study for a new biologic specific to psa and psoriasis. This is a five year study and it seems to be working for me. I already have some permanent damage ie double knee replacements and am on list for shoulder replacement, but I am now in less pain then before. I also self inject mtx but hope to be able to wean myself off it. I have to remember to pace myself or I get so stiff an sore that that I find myself not wanting to do anything for a long time. I do try to go for a 2.4k walk in a beautiful dog park with gorgeous trails. We live on Salt Spring Isl. BC.