? Questions?

If yall don’t mind sharing…
Who has joint damage (showing on xrays)?

How much joint damage?

Did joint damage show when you were first diagnosed…if not how long after?

About how long after symptoms started and diagnosis did the damage show on xray?

Thanks! Just trying to compare and contrast!!

Two years ago, I had foot pain. X-ray showed a bit of wear and tear arthritis. No wonder, after a career on my feet. Pain got steadily worse. Eighteen months after the first x-rays, new pics showed minor erosions. That's when they decided it was some kind of inflammatory arthritis. I started MTX. Six months after the second x-rays, MRI and x-rays show "significant erosions". MRI also showed bone marrow edema (swelling). No wonder my feet hurt!

I am waiting to see an orthopedic person about the damage to my feet, but it takes a very long time to get an appointment (even when it's marked "urgent"). Meanwhile, I've been told "stay off your feet as much as you can", whatever that means.

And what's up with your joints?

So far I've been very lucky and have no joint damage, I've had the pain since August and I guess maybe it was caught and treated in time but so far no damage.

Good question. I'll preface this by saying that my doctors and I think I've had PsA most of my life.

Feb 2011 I woke up to my left ankle barely moving and limited range of motion in my right ankle. A bit of damage showed up on x-ray and I was referred to a rheumatologist. More x-rays in April showed further damage to my ankles and toes, and damage in my back, si joints and hands. Further x-rays in September showed even more damage to my joints and fusions in both si joints, with my left being worse than my right. This flare has been incredibly aggressive and has lasted nearly a year now. After 8 weeks of Enbrel, I'm regaining range of motion, but there's a TON of damage already done. My rheumatologist has never seen anyone with such rapid damage, so I'm definitely not the norm.

No damage yet for…I was so excited. But my dr bursted my bubble saying this is good news for now but it might be a different story in the future. : /
But my c-reactive protein was slightly up…he said-but just a little. He gave me the option of meds. I chose nothing for now. I am not a med person. I realize one day it could change-but hopefully not. I couldn’t imagine how I could have had damage-i literally just started having actual joint pain in November.