Question about arthritis

I’ll try & be brief. My Daughter has had troubles with her knees for the past 7 years. She’s 18 now,she’s had lateral releases done on both. She’s still in pain especially the left knee,ortho ordered an MRI,she has some mis alignment of her knees. The doc said the cartridge is damaged & she has arthritis in there. He is going in to create a new groove for her tendon,when he’s in there will he know what type of arthritis it is? Surely she’s too young for osteo?? Any thoughts for me?


My understanding is that they can tell if it’s inflammatory when they get in there. Has she done PT yes, or is it too extreme for her to benefit from it?

She’s already had a lot of PT,it wasn’t much help. I’m just worried that’s all,she has enough on with her asthma & allergies. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.