Has Anyone Had Knee Surgery for PsA?

Hey PsAers,

Has anyone had success with surgery? I have a feeling that I have a lack of soft tissue in at least one of my knees that is not seen on an x-ray. I think my bones are grinding and creating additional pain not helped by biologic medicine. I have had what I think is some success with biologics but feel maybe there is an additional problem. I am getting an MRI done soon to look at soft tissue. The real problem is in my knees. I can deal with any other part of my body affected with PsA but I want full use of my knees again. Has anyone achieved this through surgery? I am 43 and my GP told me I was too young for this. I will see what the Ortho says soon.
Thank in advance for any advice about this. Tim.

Hi...i did get some relief with arthoscopic surgery on the knees, cleaned up soem cartiledge..Then i got the new knees, first one age 48.

There are many new kinds of lesser invasive surgery. Yes, your MRI will find whats wrong, good your getting that.

You can also try wraping up the knee in a ACE bandage, or some kind of knee brace

good luck at the ortho

That's what happened with my wrists. I got my PsA under better control, and it made my wrist pain, osteoarthritis, step it up. The only good news is that the wrist/thumb isn't weight bearing. The bad news is that I use them for everything.

I wish I could be more helpful. Here's the thing about surgery though. I understand the idea of "too young", but if you are in constant pain and severely limited, why not? The issue is that you might have to have a second TKR at a later point. But if it gives you years of pain-free existence, at least in the knee, why not?