Psoriatic Arthritis and Yeast Infections?

Very personal, but I thought this was a great resource to ask this question.

Are yeast infections associated with Psoriatic Arthritis, or is it a complication of medication? I have NEVER had yeast infections (once when I was 12 from summer water sports), but now it seems to be a reoccurring issue. I only started developing them once I was diagnosed with this condition, but only AFTER I started on Humira.


Thanks for the input!!!!


I take probiotics that have eliminated any worry of these, I would think that if an antibiotic can deplete our body and cause them, why not the PsA drugs? Just a wild guess!

I'm totally guessing here, but it could be the Humira changing your body's Ph balance (that is what allows the yeastie-beasties to go on the rampage). Are you sure that it is a yeast infection and not bacterial vaginitis? The two have very similar symptoms but bv can be treated (I think) w/antibiotics. There are lots of tips around about things to do (and not do) to avoid yeast infections and since your immune system is already getting kicked around, between the PsA and the Humira, you might consider doing *all* those things (looser/cotton underthings, cleaning up after being intimate, some folks say cutting down on sugars, some say drink lots of water, etc. etc.). And of course - check in with your doc! Good luck!