PsA meds and starting a family

So hubby and I want to start our family but I wam a bit scared due to all the meds I am on. I have been off MTX for more than 6 months (almost 12). My rheumy told me that I can stay on all of my other meds until I find out I am pregnant. The gyno told me to ask the rheumy as he was the experts on the meds. I am currently on Enbrel, tramadol (tramahexal), arcoxia and trepiline. Has anyone else on the forum been in this position? Could you please share your experiences and what your rheumies advised. I really don't what my future children to have any issues that I could have prevented.

I'm not an expert on this, but the MTX you definitely need to be off before even thinking about stopping using birth control. Talk about how long you need to be off it. It seems to me that the ideal situation would be to be off all of the meds.

I'm wondering if you're really under good enough control right now though, if you're taking tramadol now. Is now really the right time if you're not under good control?

Tramadol is a class c. Pregnancy is not a good idea. As stoney said if your condition iscrequiring tramadol, now is not the time. You are either going to have to cowboy up, do something different, or hold off pregnancy for a while. Amitiptinene is also class c and arcoxiais an absolute no no. (nobody should be taking arcoxia to begin with IMO)

I have been on the arcoxia and tramadol for 5 years. The more I have been reading on here the more I am noticing how bad my care has been. I am on Enbrel which is working so I think I will be able to come off the meds. I am turning 30 in September so I can’t wait forever :). Tntlamb way the comment on arcoxia?

Arcoxia has been taken off the market in more countries than in which it is available because it has a bad habit of killing people. It is the same family as Viox which is gone everywhere. There are simply too many NSAIDs without the risk of serious side effects to mess with this stuff.