PsA and High blood pressure - is there a connection?

Since my diagnosis in November, I have been researching and trying to make connections. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 8 years ago and have had signs of PsA for at least ten years. Since PsA makes joints swell, and swelling is a retention of fluid in the joints, could PsA and high blood pressure have a connection? Is there anyone else out there that has this combination of illness?

You know I havent had any issues with high blood pressure yet however, all of my swelling and joint issues are mainly in the right side and with in the last 2 years I have lost my appendix and gallbladder due to them begin swollen so I am trying to research weather or not maybe the PsA has to do with that...But thank you for bringing the high blood pressure subject up because I never really considered it but I will make sure to watch it more often now.

Best of Luck!

There is a connection between PsA and heart failure. Dunno about a direct connection with high blood pressure. BUT there is are 2 really obvious connections we may forget about PAIN causes high blood pressure even low grade along and stress. we know both of those go with PsA.

FWIW I keep a record of my BP along with my pain chart. There is a great app called "keep track pro" that I use to keep track of both. (Its been the free app of the day on Amazon a time or two) It really helps my doc key in on meds and changes if necessary.....

Yes, you're absolutely right. High blood pressure is one of the co-morbidities.

Check out Dr. Ritchlin's webcast (and others) at

Also, recently put up an article talking about co-morbidities, you might find it there.

I think you will love that website.