Problem with iPad3 running iOS7.0.4

I’m having a strange problem with my iPad. This site crashes repeatedly, whether I am using Safari or Chrome. BUT … it only seems to crash when I’m on the main page in desktop view.

Of course, I’m on the main page a lot, 'cuz that’s where Mods can see all of the activity as it happens. So it’s really frustrating.

And here’s the other thing: I can’t seem to find the way of going to the mobile site from desktop view. A couple of weeks ago, I had the same problem and I posted about it, and then I found (IN BIG ORANGE LETTERS)a notice at the very bottom of the page that said “Click here for mobile optimized view”. But that banner seems to have disappeared from the bottom.

If I could look at the main page in mobile view, I could cope just fine.

Any ideas or advice? (And it’s OK if you tell me that the solution is perfectly obvious and you give me a duuuuuuuhhhhh…)

I have the same problem. I find that if I get into the site and navigate from ALL DISCUSSIONS to where I want to go it does not crash. The faster I get to this site, the better. I have had this problem for a few months now with my IPad. Hope this helps.

Exactly, Deb. No problem if I go straight to Discussions and then navigate from there. Trouble is, I can’t see the Activity feed, and that’s where a Mod can see what’s shaking.

It started several weeks ago, and has been getting progressively worse. The problem’s with the Main page. Wish I had figured that out before I did the hard reset on the iPad, and then reinstalled everything! Oh well…

I’ve just been told that this problem started with the introduction of iOS 7. The super-moderators have removed the videos from the main page and are taking the issue up with the network people.

Sennie. Now that you mention it, all of my problems started after the introduction of IOS 7. I hope the network people can fix the problem. :slight_smile:

I think it is the website, not the iPad because the main page works with the other forums, just not with PsA. I would suggest go to the bottom of the page and click on “report an issue.” Good luck.

And this is why I never update my OS! Mine is working just fine in Safari. I have another free browser on the iPad that I really like that seems to work when others aren't. It's called, Mercury, and there was a time that I could only get this site to work through that browser. Like I said, it's free so it might be worth a try? I like it - its sort of like Mozilla.

Doesn’t work with Mercury, Diigo, or Dolphin either. And doesn’t work in the bens friends app. I reported it to the website, but not within the app. But it’s probably the same team that is already working on it. ???

The problem is Ning. Once a great platform, now not so much. It will get fixed in the meantime some things gave been disabled to stop the crashes. You might try Puffin as it supports flash files.................

The main page is working as of this evening. It’s great!!

Yes! It seems to be working fine on my machines as well. Hurray for Scott Orn, who has been labouring on this for days and days.
Thanks, Scott! Happy holidays.