I know many of you gave done predisone tapers, on my third I believe. Why, missed 2 days of work and felt like I had become an ice cube from all the constant gel packs to keep the tears of pain away. Now, days later I can’t sleep for anything! I almost want the constant pain back because I know that living on less than 7 hrs sleep is going to bite me hard in a day or two! Do you find it worth it? Do I have an extreme insominia reaction or is this normal? My swelling is down and I feel like I should not complain but knowing this is a short term fix just makes me less appreciative I guess.

I used to have terrible insomnia on prednisone. I hated it. Unfortunately, I also had nasty mood swings and just felt “off” while taking it. Then, I got really bad rebound pain after the taper, so I had to do a really long taper to prevent that. The moral of the story is: Steroids have become my, “extreme emergency only” meds. I have to be really sick to take them. I also use Melatonin nightly to help with sleep and it works really well. My doc recommended taking it nightly instead of as needed because it works better that way. Since sleep is the main SE that you’re dealing with, maybe ask your doc if you can take something? In the meantime, maybe some warm milk or camomile tea before bed would help.

Hi Rachael, I felt really good the 3 times I've had prednisone tapers. But, I don't trust that stuff. It can make psoriasis flare up--so are we sure it doesn't make PsA flare up after the taper is finished? I really have my doubts about it, but it sometimes is necessary to settle things down. I know you've said you're having a lot of pain. :-( What to do, what to do???

Thank you both! I to notice a sense of extreme emotions when taking it but have a hard time differentiating it from the dispair that comes when heavy pain sets in. They both are strong feelings. It’s frustrating to play cat and mouse with yourself knowing even when you get away that cat is still waiting to come back for you. It’s nice to know I am not alone with insominia seems so drastic I was beginning to wonder. Deep down I know my biggest issue is that I want my PSA more controlled long term and its been over a year and back at square one again physically. It becomes disheartening and makes me desperate for releif the problem is predisone gives me way to much time laying in bed thinking about that. At least when I see my rheumy on Friday she can’t lecture me about not using them this time, lol.

Yep when I take preds sleep goes out the window. My doc actually has to give me something to help me sleep. For some reason this doesn't happen when I get a depomedrone injection. I get the benefits without the insomnia so maybe this is something you could try?