Oh my prednisone!

So I have been in a major flare, went to MD and am on prednisone for a week. I feel GREAT!!!. No brain fog, no pain or stiffness other than very first in am and in evening, sleeping great, not bad on the eating ( I stashed apples at work and random places for munchie attacks).

I am so happy and so, so scared. I have read some people can feel the effects much longer than the week or so taken. But, if this works so well is there not something else out there that has less dangerous side effects and could still help me feel this good? I feel like a curtain has been lifted and the world is clearer and brighter. I come home from work. Have a short nap, that I can wake up from, and then have the evening with my family. My kids are so happy they are going to bed before me. I am productive at work and am not at risk of tears from pain or the head bobs from fatigue. I was able to clearly compose a proposal paper with no major brain farts. My todo list has been decreasing. I am trying to pace myself and not overdo. No crazy dancing or running like a chicken, hence the post work rest, but I feel great. HOW CAN THIS STAY?? There must be a way! Thoughts?

For short term use, prednisone can be wonderful. What this tells you is that your symptoms are definitely related to inflammation. Are you on medication now? If not, you will definitely need to discuss this with your rheumy. In the meantime, enjoy your break from pain and fatigue.

Sounds wonderful!!!

I agree with Stoney - definitely shows that your symptoms were related to inflammation. I was just put on daily low-dose prednisone because I can't take NSAIDS and we're still tweaking my biologic. Are you taking anything to treat your psoriatic arthritis? If not, doing so would definitely help reduce the amount of inflammation you have on a regular basis and if so, that may need tweaking if your results are so spectacular. I hope you find what works for you long-term soon!!!

Be careful about tapering down from the prednisone. If you don't taper correctly it could cause a horrible flare.