POSSIBLY from PsA....Question:

Anyone with ulnar drift? Please share the first definitive signs.

This had easy to read signs of early drift:http://www.mmarmedical.com/category_s/765.htm

It is possible to have ulnar drift from PsA. Here are the key parts from the piece:

Ulnar drift is a progressive disease. The first signs may include

  • swelling at the knuckles
  • difficulty fully straightening the fingers at the knuckles
  • slight indication of the fingers drifting to the little finger side, particularly the index and long fingers
  • gradually diminishing finger grip and pinching strength, along with hand function

Later signs may include

  • deviation of the wrist
  • inability to touch thumb to the index finger

Thank u

The symptoms seem accurate. I have slight drift in my left hand. It started just like it says up top and in my middle & index fingers. You will know if/when it happens.