Popcorn vs nausea!

I've discovered that popcorn gets rid of my nausea post mtx dose!

Ok, to chomp my way through several bags on the day of dosing was, let's face it, probably a bad idea diet wise, and the boys reaction to my snarling when they tried to remove the second bag from me was an eye opener ( they actually looked scared!)

But now it's under control and I have a small bowl of skinny popcorn ( I know! Skinny popcorn shouldn't be allowed!) when I need it.......and it works :)

Great discovery! It makes sense: it’s a dry, salty food like crackers, which are often recommended for nause. Maybe I will go get me some popcorn. Except I’m feeling fine. LOL Great discovery, though, Louise, especially if your kids don’t find the stash you have hidden.

Mmmmmmmm, but mine needs tons of butter! (I don't think butter would be good for your nausea.)

Will have to try this ..... four days in to starting with lowest dose of sulfasalazine and it's causing nausea/upset tum to rival the best that mtx threw at me. Was expecting the headache (of which there is no sign .... yet?) but didn't anticipate GI problems. Oh dear ...... feeling very sorry for myself this morning.

Its horrible to have that nagging nausea Jules, I know the feeling well. Metcalfs do a skinny popcorn and their white cheese one is my favourite one today…cancelled my 2 exercise classes today as insomnia for the last 5 weekend and mtx have floored me today :frowning: