Methotrexate and Nausea

I was just wondering.... how long after you take methotrexate do you have terrible nausea? And what do you do for it?
I take mine Tuesday nights and I don't feel nauseous until Friday or Saturday, and it's terrible. Nothing I take works.

I stopped taking it. No seriously, I took it for 6 months, and had no impact. I just ate really lightly and frequently. Treating it like morning sickness seemed to work well. Did you mean that you don't feel better until Friday or Saturday? You can also talk to your doctor about injections, as most people say there is less nausea that way.

When I took MTX on the Saturday and it made me nauseous for 3 days the first time starting the first day I took it - I so sick in bed, weak and light headed. I only lasted a month - it made me too sick.

I am taking my first injection today. I hear that there is no nausea that way, but I will definitely let you know. Call your doctor. Maybe he can give you an rx for zofran? I have an rx for it and it really is the best thing for nausea. I get the orally devolving tabs, that way if I am really nauseated, I don’t have to try to swallow it. Good luck. Nausea is so miserable!

Thanks everyone, its nice to know I am not alone. I am so over it, yes it feels like I am pregnant again, and the terrible nausea is one of the reasons we decided to have no more children. It was truly unbearable. Its difficult with two very young active kids and working! I will talk to my doc this week, but its good for me to suggest things to him as sometimes I don't think he has a clue.

I hope the nausea ends and you can tolerate it. Good luck!

I injected the mtx yesterday evening. I have had NO nausea so far. The injection was SUPER easy and didn’t hurt at all. The needle is a 28gauge insulin needle and the medication doesn’t burn a bit. Maybe you should try the injection instead? I am being 100% honest when I say that I barely felt it.

Thanks for posting your experience. The doc I fired said that an injection would cause the same nausea as the pill form - but I've read on here and through my research that's not the case. So, I'm going to ask my new doc about getting a script for MTX injection - I have no problem giving myself a shot.

For those of you who have nausea, may I ask what dosage of MTX you are taking? Thank you!

I'm sorry, I'm no longer taking MTX and don't remember the dosage.

Day 2 status post injection report:
Still no nausea and have not needed antiemetic medication
No other adverse symptoms (I have had some lower GI stuff, but I have eaten some things I’m not supposed to in the last few days)
Taking 5mg of folic acid
Dose of MTX was 10mg.

I’m taking 20ml tablet form methotrexate since November last year. I have had terrible side effects with it,but they are settling down.l taken medication on Saturday before bed, Sunday I feel really poorly I’m no longer vomiting now as I was before and to start with it lasted most of the week but I’m now getting used to the tablets more.l have definitely had less joint trouble and pain.But I’m still having fatigue and unwell feeling.As well as hopeless feelings and depression.Does anyone know the average dose of methotrexate people take???.l am taking Tramadol along with folic acid.Which is the best medication for psoriatic arthritis??? Thanks

Ahhhh, Miss S, the best medication is the one that works for you. The best drugs are the biologics. Unfortunately, it’s like trying to buy shoes. You have to try on several to find one that fits. Occasionally, the first drug one tries works really well.

I was on Humira for a year or so and had great results. However, it did stop working. I have since learned that some of the biologic drugs are best used with MTX. It helps to prevent antibody formation which can cause you to stop responding to a drug. I am on Remicade now and will be having my 5th infusion tomorrow. It is taking some time to get the dosing right, but I had 3 pretty good weeks out of the last 6 weeks. Not too shabby! I am feeling pretty rough right now, but I think that it’s common to have some tough patches in the weeks just prior to the next infusion. I have faith that we will get the dosing and schedule worked out soon. I also REQUESTED to take MTX along with the Remicade. I want to give myself the best chance possible with this drug. I am not familiar with MTX dosing, so I don’t know what is typical. I do know that it is to be gradually increased over time to help limit side effects.

Hi Miss S, Methotrexate itself made me very tired. Have you talked to you doc about other medication options?

Thank you for the answers about MTX dosages! I have been on MTX 10-15mg (and other drugs) for 11 years with great results and no nausea. I guess I was just curious if it was super high dosages that caused the nausea. It seems that everyone is very different.