Plaquenil, anyone?

Hi Folks :)

I was wondering if anyone on here is on Plaquenil, and if you have had success with it ? If so, how long did it take to notice a change in how you were feeling ?

I hope everyone has a lovely day. It sure is HOT here in the steamy South.

mimi, I took plaquenil, and after about 3 weeks I started to see some improvement, and at the same time developed a really scary rash all over my body. Turns out I'm allergic to plaquenil and had to stop taking it right away.

I’ve been taking plaquenil (as an additive to MTX) for about 4 weeks.

Interestingly enough it helps (as my Rhuemy says - everyone has their own lock, and you never know which key will fit). I actually noticed within about a week, though he told me to give it 6 weeks.

But personally, it doesn’t work enough for me, so I’ll be looking for a biologic.

I tried it and my symptoms became worse! Definitely wasn’t my key.

I've been on it since 2004, it took about 8 to 12 weeks to really work. I've taken myself off of it many times and always end up in a flare......

Hi mimi,

I've been using Plaquenil for about five years, and like Diane, I've tried to stop taking it several times, and ALWAYS regret that decision. Rheumy added MTX about a year ago. I still have symptoms, but things are much, much worse without the meds. I noticed a difference in how I felt on Plaquenil pretty quickly--after about 2-3 weeks as I recall.

Hope you still are feeling better!

I just think that, "hey, I'm feeling fine, maybe I don't need to take meds anymore." It always ends in a flare which last longer than the one before. I'm taking Planquenil, MTX, Sulfazine and Embrel, each were added because my flares were worse then the last. I have changed my diet this year, now vegetarian and in Sept. becoming a Vegan. I'll keep you posted.....

Same for me. I don't want to take anything that I might not truly need, so, feeling good, thought I'd try to get off one of my meds. Big mistake. I was feeling good BECAUSE of the meds. PsA waxes and wanes, as we all know. Mine was getting a little worse, so we added MTX.

So Bryd Feeder I'm not the only crazy one here, I bet everyone has taken themselves off their meds at one point or I am not alone...

i take it too, was on it originally with methotrexate and sulfasalazine but because we're trying for a baby had to swap to prednisolone, sulfasalazine and plaqinil.... to be honest it worked better with the methotrexate at the moment it isnt really doing much but it might be because im having a major flare up .... it helped loads the first time i was on it as the methotrexate and sulfasalazine wasnt really helping on their own . Would like to add when i first started taking it i had a rash for two weeks on the tops of my arms and thighs but this went after 2 weeks x

My rhuemy is seeing me 7th aug for my second assessment for biologics so hopefully that will help me :)

Sure is - and I'm without AC for over a week here in Greenville, NC! Hang in there. I know my fatigue is worse in this heat right now.

mimiB said:

Well, here's an update....I was feeling pretty good last Saturday and Sunday, but this week has been pretty sucky. I am thankful for the two halfway decent days I DID have though. I guess this isn't going to be the panacea I had hoped for. How's everyone else doing ? It is still hot as Hades here in the Carolinas !

Hi Mimi,

Sorry your relief has been short-lived. I suppose it's possible your couple of days of feeling good wasn't from the Plaquenil. Maybe it hasn't really kicked in yet, and your response will come later. It's hard not to be frustrated by the ups and downs, but keep in mind that most folks don't respond to it right away. It can take weeks. Hope it's sooner than later!