Phil Mickelson reluctant to talk about PsA

Hi everyone. I have been thinking about this subject for a while now. Wondering how long Pro golfer Phil Mickelson will be able to play down his PsA. Obviously, he doesn't want to tell the general public much about his PsA, because if they truely realize the effects that PsA can have, then his sponsors would probably start dropping like flies. I was also wondering what Phil will do when Enbrel stops working for him. How will that effect the contract that his has with the makers of Enbrel Pfiser. I know, I know, all of what I'm talking about is probably Taboo. Well, to freakin bad, I never was one to keep my mouth shut. Hahaha.

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We will be using the more recent spots with our marketing students for sure. They are pretty darn good. While the general public may not know, there are no fewer than 8 images in each spot that can/will get a PsA patient to identify with.

His endorsement contract may not be all the long either. With the new Humira and Simponi spots out there, a new campaign is inevitable, They have already run an awfully long time before being switched to a pure image campaign. (Think of the bathtubs and ED drugs)

There are a number of diseases that Enbrel can treat that are still untouched......

Am the only one that still remembers "The Heartbreak of Psoriasis" campaigns from the 60's? They were the butt of a number of spoofs from Laugh In to the Tonight show. That will be the direction of the future Enbrel promotions only it will cover a number of disease. They will want it to be the "standard"

With the 18 yearextension of patents and the success of stymieing "Bio similar approvals" they have dumped a ton of money into the Encourage Foundation as well as their other assistance programs they are training docs (in this country) to use Enbrel first because they can be relatively assured their patients will actually get it. They have learned from Humiras popularity in the UK.

And you thought I was going to talk about Phils Slump..... (nothing compared to a few others.)

The whole Phil thing irks me. My parents love to watch golf. They see Phil and tell me he is fine, all you need is this shot and the disease goes away. My elderly parents have trouble understanding I am sick. Phil's "I got out of bed one day in pain, went to Mayo, use this medication now and I am fine" does the person who suffers with this disease a disservice. I struggle every day and my family looks at Phil and thinks I am a slacker. Thanks Phil Mickelson - you piss me off.

I remember! (Puts hand up and waves eagerly!) And not only that, but I now also suffer from "The heartbreak of sobriety"!

That one usually gets a blank stare. For some reason, only old folks get it.

tntlamb said:

Am the only one that still remembers "The Heartbreak of Psoriasis" campaigns from the 60's? They were the butt of a number of spoofs from Laugh In to the Tonight show.

The sad fact is Debbie, is that the vast number of people with PsA DO have those results with a biologic. Couple that with, NSAIDS, exercise, diet, and EARLY intervention over 80% of folks have a pretty normal life. Its not Phil's fault.

If you ever socialize with the Rheumy's, you may get out of them that they believe if more folks concentrated on MOTION and FUNCTION and less on pain along with making themselves as healthy as possible, it might be higher than that. That is not to say there isn't pain, fatigue, loss of motion. Folks your parents age had no other choice, nor did their folks. This disease isn't "new" just more frequently and earlier Dx'd.

WHAT I don't understand is the young folks putting off real treatment drinking health shakes or doing nothing because of fear of treatment and not having the sense to know that in the early years the disease all most ALWAYS moves from short spurts of being active to long spurts of remission.

Phil ISN'T fine, he has pulled out of at least one tournament this year because of "fatique" and faded several other times. BUT he thinks he's fine, at least publicly and with his family. That carries anyone a pretty long ways.

I've wondered the same. The biologics work, but not forever. When Enbrel stops working for Phil (and who knows, maybe it has already, it's been a couple of years, right?) he's going to be in a difficult position, and I don't mean only on the links. Maybe when he switches to Humira, he'll endorse that ... no, not likely.

I am still waiting to be offered an endorsement contract for a biologic. Heck, I'd be happy with just a prescription for a bio-drug. Still messing with the DMARDs ... but the day is coming soon. I have a good, but very conservative rheumy who wants to try everything else first. If I were a famous golfer, I'm sure we would have cut to the chase pdq.

I am way ahead of Phil on this one. Enbrel helped for a year, Humira never worked at all and Remicade helps some but the dose and frequency keeps getting increased. I've never managed to get into any sort of remission. Prednisone is my daily companion along with pain medications. My rheumatologist thinks I should stop working and rest full time, but financially that isn't possible. I know the disease can be mild but it hasn't been for me.

So it is just a personal thing, it irks me. Phil is on the golf course and my parents wonder why I am in bed or on the couch on my time off from work. It's the heartbreak of advertising, it makes people believe that there is a medication for everything - wonder cures. At least we don't have Bob Dole doing E D commercials anymore.

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Lets be happy for Phil! IF Enbrel is working for him, then thats great. I think he could do a better job of speaking out about PsA but what he has done is give PsA a face so that at least some people are learning more about our disease. Even if its just making people aware that it exists, its a step up. Lets not forget that everyone deals with it differently. Maybe it is true that he is worried about losing sponsors or seeming vulnerable to competitors since he does play a professional sport. BUT maybe he just doesnt want to talk about his condition. I know I dont always want to. Its also good to remember and maybe even remind people that he is not a “normal” person. I bet a lot of us would be doing better if we had the money he did and access to the best nutrition and therapies. It’s like expecting all people with HIV to be doing as well as Magic Johnson. Not going to happen.

I remember "the heartbreak of psoriasis" but not of sobriety! I did not realize I had psoriasis until I was in college when it was diagnosed in my scalp and nails. I did not know it lead to PsA until much later, even though I was (am) a nurse!

I was really glad when Phil started doing the ads, now people will know about the disease! But I must say I was aware he had some denial around the prognoss but I had also. I have been aware his game has suffered but I understand why he wouldnot want to blame PsA. People I meet seem to think all arthritis is OA so educating them to RA and PsA seems my lot in life. Even in myarthritis water class I have to explain about flareetc. Sometims I can do the whole hour other times I have to keep stopping, esp on the days when the water spouts hurt!

I am with yoou Seenie, I could sure use the money from an endorsement!

Tigers game has suffered and he doesn't have anything (well except maybe a "thinking " problem) Some people simply REFUSE to defined by a disease........

A lesson I am constantly trying to learn. That and never calling this Psoriaic arthritis, but rather psoriatic arthropathy.

The biologics don't always stop working. My rheumy has patients who have been on Enbrel since it was approved. And what if Enbrel stops working for Phil? There's Humira, Remicade, Simponi, MTX and the the whole drug pipeline including Cimza, Stelara, the IL17 blockers, and two oral meds, Apremilast and one I can't recall right now, and that's just the stage III trials.

tntlamb I didn't realize that most PsA started like mine did, short bursts of disease activity followed by longer periods of remission. I'm glad that during the 2nd major flare it was caught. Now it's been completely under control for close to a year. Perhaps my quality of life will deteriorate, perhaps it won't. Right now I have no disease effects whatever, but of course we'll see in the future.

I hope that in the future, better and better treatments are found and that more aggressive disease can also be brought under control. Also we need better pain management and better joint replacement. Nobody should have to live in constant pain, it isn't right.

Phil is our hometown hero here ( Im in San Diego). I think he is struggling with the same thing we all do but in a very public way. He admitted a year after his DX and treatment started that his road has been much rougher than he expected. Mine has too. My doc led me to believe I’d take the drugs and I would be all well as long as I took them. 6 months into it now I know they help - but some days just suck, and I have the blue lic plates to show for it. I Consider myself a winner every day I swim my laps in the pool and park at the far end of the parking lot and walk instead of using the handcap parking space! So far I win most of the time :).
I own a biz and so does Phil, so impressions are important- he can’t really complain and discuss his struggles like we can because he is a public figure - he would lose his livelihood. I have to hide mine from my clients too.
Yep, some days suck- but you have to keep up moving forward.

I am so glad that Phil has been able to have such a successful life despite having PsA. I wish that everyone can be as successful as Phil. The thing that really bugs me though, is how Phil tries to play down the effects of PsA. In my opinion, Phil is doing more harm then good for the PsA community. The public knows nothing about PsA and when they hear Phil say, it isn't a big deal, then they think it isn't a big deal. This actually makes it harder for me and everyone else with PsA. I actually have managers at work that think I fake or over exaggerate my disease because of this. After work, at a bar (I'm not on MTX, so I can have a drink now and then, so can it), I over heard a manager telling other employees this very thing. I didn't call them on it, because I thought it would be futile. People are going to believe what they want. I can't really blame them for thinking that either, because that is what they have heard about the disease. I really think we would all be better off, if Phil didn't even admit to having PsA. Of course we all know why he spoke out about it, Pfizer is paying him the big bucks.

I usually have to qualify the "I suffer from PsA" with the "it's an autoimmune disease similar to RA" line which usually gets the point across but not always. Phil is in a bit of a catch-22 right now. He can't come out and say he feels like absolute crap because that would make Pfizer look bad. Also, people will think he's using the PsA as an excuse for not performing well. I do not envy the position he's in.

I hear you all - but how many of us thought or were led to believe that once we took the bios we would be "all better" for the most part? ....and for some of us that is true. So my guess is that Phil signed up with the drug company when he was in that state of mind....

Phil signed up with the drug company when his wallet was open. That's the state of mind he was in. It is ALWAYS about the money. Your kidding yourself if you don't believe that.

Phil may be telling the truth. I understand how those adds can be causing you trouble though. I remember when my finger swelled up like a sausage and I went to physical therapy. My co-workers at Genworth stayed on me about that forever, and there was just about nothing I could do about it. They didn't get how close I had been to needing a serious operation, or to losing part of the use of my hand.

When my knee was swollen, I could show it to people and seeing it they would understand the pain. If there aren't any obvious signs though, how can you "prove" that you're in constant pain? I'm sure there's counselor's maybe even HR people who deal with this sort of problem all the time. Back injuries certainly have parallels. People do usually get rheumatoid arthritis. I think most people know someone who had some form of it.

If I talk about my disease at all, I say it's a form of RA. I think that's a close enough description for most people.

This guy just REALLY makes me mad. His lies make the general public believe this disease is "not a big deal" and that those of us who are unable to function are just "big babies."

If you go to, you'll see the fine print underneath Phil's glowing endorsement: "Your results may vary." LOL, yes indeed.

And if you look really carefully, you'll see that Phil has spelled Enbrel wrong. ROFL!!!! Too funny. Millions spent on advertising, and there's a spelling mistake.

Haha Seenie, that IS funny! You would think someone would proof the website!

Suzanne, we don't know that he's lying. If his PsA was caught early and he doesn't have a particularly aggressive form, he may be doing very well with the PsA. Golfers have off days for many more reasons than PsA.