Pain when pressure is applied?

I have my apt today and I'm wondering if anyone else feels terrible pain when the doctor presses on joints. I don't have that kind of pain. My pain is a throbbing aching pain and it doesn't necessarily get worse b/c he puts pressure on certain joints. For instance my hands are really hurting today but they don't hurt anymore if i press on them. Do your joints or areas on your body hurt worse when pressure is applied?

Some of my joints feel some temporary relief if I do a gentile deep massage. But it does not hurt to put pressure on them.I have to stay active without overdueing it. Of course there are still days that the pain can be extra intense for no reason. PsA can have so many nuances.

Mine don’t…when my mcp joint was really swollen and in pain. Which is what originally sent me to the dr…I did have pain when pressure is applied. But normally its an overall ache. Or occasional aches. Or occasional sharp type pain. Or even a tired strain on my fingers if I’m trying to use them a lot. Its almost really hard to put into words. But when I went to the dr when he was touching all my joints they weren’t hurting. Although my hands were tired and extremely swollen and red. And he commented before I even said anything. The only thing that always hurt is at the bottom of my achilles tendon. On the very top side of my heel. If I press it hurts and always feels tight when walking. The longer I don’t walk the tighter it feels.

I have always wondered why my rheumy checks all the joints and asks for pain level. Mine don't necessarily hurt more with pressure either. I do have Fibromyalgia as well, but that is pain in areas not normally at a joint and it does hurt with pressure. It is hard to describe the pain we feel. My fingers do hurt in the joints but usually when doing the shirring (twisting) motion or bending into a fist...not when they are straight out. The achilles tendon is almost always tight on me as well...I have decided that it is all part of the PsA. Where you describe the pain Kary, is where the tendon attaches to the heel so that is usually where the tendonitis part of PsA inflames. You are right stretching has to take place or we look like our ankles don't bend at all when walking.