Pain Identification

What is the difference between FM pain and PsA Pain? How do you tell which is which?

That gets a little tricky...

For me when it's a Fibro Flare I have terrible brain fog. The kind where I can not tell you my name if you asked me. My muscles ache like crazy. Usually in the 18 trigger point areas that fibro effects. Almost like a deep, grinding, paralyzing pain and stiffness.

When it's my PsA it's my feet and hands. When I try to stand it feels like my bones will literally snap. I can not walk too far and I do walk very carefully ( I call it my granny style). My hand feel the same way. There's swelling to the point my hands are useless and if any pressure is applied it feels like the bones will snap. I can also feel it in my lower back and my right knee.

For every one it is different though. I don't have the tendon pain like some people do with PsA so that would be had to determine whether it is Fibro or PsA. Some people don't have swelling...I didn't for a year.

What pains are you feeling that way we can maybe help steer you in the right direction.