Pain clinic torture session

After 2 1/2 years of pain and suffering, I’d come to the end of my ability to enjoy life and have hope for the future. My liver enzymes have been very high for a long time so I cannot take NSAIDs any longer and tylenol for headaches only twice a week. That sounded like, and was for over a month, a death sentence.

So I finally asked for a referral to a pain clinic. I didn’t know what to expect and was very nervous. All I knew was that I would be getting injections to control the pain. Well here’s to hoping, right?

Traveled 45 minutes to the clinic. Got in right away. Talked to the doctor at length about my problems. He told me I had to pick my worst joint and a few muscular injections because he can only do a few injections at once. I haven’t slept well in years due to pain so I opted for my back, neck, shoulders and left knee.

He gave me 1mg of xanax and about 5 minutes later was led into the xray “operating room.” I laid on my belly and they began the procedure. First he gave me 4 lidocaine shots up the left side of my back to “numb it.” I thought, great, that’s the worst of it. WRONG! He then proceeded to give me 4 epidurals. Holy crap. I can’t tell you how bad that hurt unless you’ve had one. Then he said “half way done!” I said omg, I thought that was it. Nope. 4 more lidocaine shots up the right side of my back and 4 more epidurals. This was like a literal medieval torture session.

Next, two shots in back of neck and two in shoulders. These were the muscular ones. Nothing compared to the back shots. Then in the recovery room he did my knee. Yet another new level of pain, but still not like the epidurals.

I was in shock for about an hour after I left the clinic. Could barely talk. I swear I had a case of PTSD after because I kept reliving the events and feeling the pain, and still do but am forgetting the intensity of the pain so that’s good.

It’s been two days since the procedure. Yesterday and the night of my back hurt so bad I was dreaming it hurt and could barely move around all day. Knee felt great, mostly. He missed an area on the inner side that was now screaming compared to my new and improved knee. The knee shot was a miracle. My knee hasen’t felt this strong and pain free in as long as I can remember. Neck and shoulders are looser and haven’t had a headache since the procedure.

Day three, today, back feels about 40% better. I’m hoping by tomorrow or Friday I’ll be all healed up!

Have to go back in 3 weeks for second round of shots. Only do the back twice a year, thank God! Will be working on the rest of major joints until they are all done.

I’m hoping that the stelara, my 3rd biologic and 7th medicine since this all began, will start working and this nightmare will end.

Oh wow that sounds horrible!! I really hope they will work for a really long time!

I hope the other stuff starts working too! YIKES!

That’s a lot of injections! No wonder you’re not feeling so great right now.

Strange my experience was the opposite. The worst part was the numbing and that was only for a few seconds. Having more than two i would think that would be too much.