Otezla update

Hello all,
I’ve been on Otezla since mid-August 2019 along with generic Celebrex. This combo is working for me! It has been remarkable. Within two weeks, the plaque psoriasis was significantly diminished. The generic–and very affordable–Celebrex totally mitigates the pain. This is nothing short of amazing. Also, I supplement this protocol with trying to stay on the Keystone Approach diet and exercise, daily (which I’ve always done). I’ve titrated down to 7.5 mg of Methotrexate.

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. . .my Otezla dosage is 30 mg/q.d.

How much Celebrex are you using to be helpful? Does anyone know if there are specific blood tests that should be done while on Celebrex that are different than the usual while on Dmards?

That’s great news about Otezla! My son has been o Otezla since June/July, and it has worked great regarding his psoriasis. He still has a couple of stubborn patches on his leg, and his rheumatologist suggested using a cream. Hoping your course of treatment will continue to give you positive results.

Hi there - I am on 200 mg of celecoxib (generic for Celebrex) a day. Some times I’m able to go every other day. I don’t think there are any blood tests that are required for celecoxib; however, you should check with your rheumatologist.