Ok now what?

I went to the Rheumatologist today. well needless to say I left crying. I have never been treated so bad. The hole appt. was about how fat I am and that I need to exercise more. He said that I don't have PsA and that I Might have fibromyalgia but he's not sure. So he didn't say anything about my nails, joint pain and everything else that come with PsA. So what do I do now. Nothing is solved and I didn't get any pain meds or what to do with the humaria witch I have been on for 2 yrs. So I think Its not working anymore. I like It on here I know I'll get some good advice. Thanks

tmb, I am so sorry things didn't go well today.

First things first: Dump the Rheumy. Any doctor that adds stress and treats their patients without compassion should not be given another opportunity to make you feel worse than you already do. We fight really hard to live our lives, to do what we can physically, and to beat back the monster of depression. Our doctors should be standing with us shoulder-to-shoulder giving us the weapons, tools, and training to be able to achieve more.

What was his justification for his decision that you do not have PsA? What was his justification that you might have Fibro? I know that a lot of doctors are hesitant to prescribe pain medications because we have a life-long disease. The pain isn't going to completely disappear anytime soon. So many of the pain meds are addictive and can create a situation where you injure yourself more when you are on the pain meds because they block our body's natural pain response to damage (i.e. I don't feel like I hurt too badly, therefore I'm going to jog 20 miles).

Humira: many people can take a single biologic for lots and lots of years without needing to switch. I was not one of them. If you can get to a new Rheumy, terrific. They will likely review your symptoms, previous treatments, and decide from there what they (and you) think is the next best step. DO NOT abruptly stop taking the Humira without a back up plan. When I went off Enbrel to start Remicade (because the Enbrel just wasn't working as well as it should have) I suddenly discovered exactly how much good the Enbrel was actually doing. Some treatment is better than no treatment, I can assure you (at least it was in my case). I haven't gotten started with the Remicade yet (I've been off Enbrel since January), and have had to take a lot of runs of prednisone and dexamethasone just to survive.

Good luck to you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and send happy thoughts your way.