OK gang, here I am in the Emotional Support ward

So can we talk? I need to unload, and I know I can depend on my friends here. Life has been crazy, I tell you. Hope you don’t mind my airing my laundry.

Dear husband has known that he has prostate cancer for a while. He’s in his seventies, so it’s neither surprising nor unusual. After a period of what is called “watchful waiting” they recommended radiation therapy. He did a six week course which ended in the middle of last month. Life as we know it is beginning to return to normal. I just hope that his check up in February shows that the treatment was successful.

You know my sister has had symptoms of PsA for a while, but her GP wouldn’t refer her to a rheumatologist. Long story short, I finagled her a consult with a PsA specialist who agreed that there’s a problem, but wasn’t able to declare PsA just yet. She did x-rays, though, and has now referred my sister to an orthopaedic surgeon to put the knee replacement wheels in motion. Huh? Where did that come from? Meanwhile her doctor’s only wisdom for the last five years has been “Lose some weight and get some exercise.” Hey, wait a minute! Where have I heard this before? Hmmm… Oh ya, that’s what they said to me about ten years ago.

And now me. My PsA is finally under good control. Yay, me! But two weeks ago I went to my NP about miscellaneous stuff and while I was there, I showed her the slightest colour and texture change on my nose (I am such a worry wart) and told her that in the summer I’d had a recurring open sore there. She referred me to a dermatologist. Fortunately, I found one that could take me pretty well immediately. He took a biopsy. I knew it wasn’t good when they called back within a week. Now I’m on the list for Moh’s surgery for what is a basal cell carcinoma right smack on the tip of my nose. It’s at times like these that I want my Mom to give me a hug and tell me it’s going to be all right. I’m not terribly vain, but I’ll admit that the thought of a patchwork nose does have me feeling a wee bit anxious.

So that’s how I ended up on this ward. How about you?

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I’m sending big hugs your way Seenie. So glad that you mentioned this, and that they took it seriously.

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Hugs from me too Seenie. Dog got very ill suddenly, I’m okay, but nature abhors a vacuum it seems. Dog may get through, you know she’s old and I do know that people are more important so just mentioning as you asked how we’re all doing. Glad you reached out here, you never winge and you do an amazing job sorting other people out but oh boy there’s a lot for you to process and deal with right now & I think of you loads.

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Hi Seenie, it never rains but it pours, right?

It’s so fortunate that you did mention your sore and nose, but its a shock having to go in for surgery, and especially with all the other things going on, so BIG HUGS from me too xxxx

Oh, Seenie! I hope you’re okay, even though I understand how you feel, and even if we aren’t vain, it’s still scary. I can give you some optimism–my former supervisor had what sounds really similar to yours and the scarring was very minimal–she had to point it out for anyone to notice…another thing, I can ask my daughter who worked with dermatologists for years, for some info to ease your mind.
Damn, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!!!
I’m glad Humira is working so well for you, but so sorry about your sister going through all the anxiety about getting a diagnosis also.
I’m sending hug vibes right now! Take care!

Grandma j thanks for the hopeful message. Hearing that It turns out well, even sometimes, helps a lot. I don’t fancy needing to wear Groucho nose glasses for the rest of my days. That’s my black humour, but it does worry me. Damn, a life sentence to ugly shoes and now an ugly nose. Good thing I work online and you guys don’t have to look at me. :wink:

Thanks again. Hugs, my friend.

You’re right, Stoney. I’m so glad they didn’t blow me off like they did with PsA. The docs were great, as a matter of fact.

Thanks for the support.

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Thanks, koala! Being down under, I’ll bet you know some people with Bcc. Got any good BCC stories? If not, the hug felt great! Hugs to you too. How are you feeling these days? Are you any further along in your quest for aggressive treatment?

PS my nose is all healed now. Really, unless I told you, you’d never notice. Pretty amazing.

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Smoocheez to you! Hope the doggie girl gets better. She’s a sweetie, and lucky to have you as her dogmother.

Hi! Yep, got plenty of BCC stories, one of my own actually. I had one removed from the very edge/tip/inside of my nose a few years back. A non healing sore and I actually went to plastic surgeon to get some moles removed (harmless but unsightly) and I mentioned the sore to him. He told me it needed to be removed sooner rather than later and I was in the next week for it. A tiny bit of my nose was taken off the nostril but its not noticeable. Plastic surgeons are so good.

My sister in law had quite a large one removed from her cheek, took quite a bit of tissue, but its hardly noticeable and you would need to have it pointed out if you didn’t know. Small scar easily covered by makeup.

Hi Seenie, big hugs. I know a few people who have had bcc removed and I cannot tell. I had a large sunspot , about 6mm removed from the tip of my nose. I can see it but others cannot unless I show them under particular light :slight_smile: It’s hard for you at the moment …i hope it gets easier

Ah MacMac and Koala now there is something to make me smile! Thanks for the BCC stories. I will try not to worry too much about the patchwork nose. I’ve seen the pictures (I know, I need to stay out of dr google’s office) but then I look at the excellent results and I think “Right. Now I’d like to see the pictures of the nine that didn’t work out so well.” Bad me. I know.


But Dr Google is so alluring! :flushed:

Oh no seenie - it doesn’t seem fair! Fingers crossed for you and hoping for some brighter times!

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Hi Seenie! What a ringer life is running you through, I am so sorry! My life has certainly been chaos and full of change as well but not quite the same level.
On a possative note one of my coworkers had the exact same mischevious sore exact same spot even. He had to have it surjectly removed after a bio as well and it is sooo hard to see. The bandaid he wore at work for a week was the only obvious part about it. I"ve known this guy for 20 yrs and let me tell you he would never let a stitch of makeup touch his face! Here’s to hoping that shoes are still the only thing to morn over!


Oh, Rachael, now that really cheers me up. Thanks.
How are things with you?

This one’s for you! CLICK HERE!


Oh Jane, that is precious! Thanks so much!

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Seenie, Mum’s had a couple on her nose now, and while it was all a bit uncomfortable to have it off (so to speak), it all got back to normal quickly, so hopefully the same will be true for you. But life is difficult enough without extras added on! Hope everything works out for you.

Thanks, Darinfan. I’m less torqued about it this week. It really helps to “dump” and then have people share their experiences and hear it isn’t all misery.

Love this group. Thanks!

PS I got a letter from the dermatology clinic and I’m “having it off” in the spring. At my age, something to look forward to! Tee heee

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