Now shingles

I had some bad rib pain for about a week. I told my doctors it felt like shingles because I had them about 35 years ago. “No, you would have a rach by now,” they said. Well, Friday, over a course of about 2 hours I broke out in blisters.

After doing some research it appears this is too common for folks taking biologics. Some even recommended getting the shingles vaccine before starting bilogics. Remember, I am taking Humira every week. Doc did say I had to stop the Humira until the infection went away. Not sure how long that is supposed to be, but he lets me email him.

The rash and blisters are not as bad this time, it is in the same place on my torso (thank goodness), but the pain is rather intense. Shingles does have its own type of pain. I tell people it feels like the worst sunburn you ever had with someone jabbing you with a fork constanlty.

I ran to the walk-in clinic as soon as I got off work and got some Valtrex and a dose pack.

I went to work Monday (today is Tuesday) morning and told my boss and explained that despite what the internet said you can’t catch shingles. I did explain that if someone came into contact with the blisters, which was not going to happen, they could get chickenpox if they never had them. The upside, I get to work from home until the blisters go away! They didn’t want anyone or their kids getting the pox.

I think my PSA pain is better, but I really think the shingles pain is overriding it.


Rotten luck for you. I find if something else happens to me - example 3 compressed fractures in my lumbar spine this spring - PsA virtually takes a hike pain wise. Once the fractures started healing, PsA came back with a vengance sadly completely outdoing my then biologic a biosimilar to enbrel. I’m finding the biosimilar to humira I’m presently on completely ineffectual and it actually makes my bowels inflame. I’ve consequently skipped the last dose as rheumy appt is next week. Couldn’t bear another week of bowel issues.

Hope the shingles clear up fast for you.


I got the shingles vaccine before I started a biologic only because it was a live vaccine and can’t be given on a biologic. I had no idea biologics could cause or exacerbate shingles. I’m getting the new shringix, non-live vaccine soon.

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My docs opinion on the vaccine was MEH?

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