Anyone with PsA have Shingles?

Just curious if anyone with PsA has developed Shingles. I had chicken pox in 1st or 2nd grade and in my late teens started getting fever blisters on my lips, chin and nose and get them about once per month.

I am aware that a comprised immune system can be a factor for developing shingles, and after reading the symptoms I am concerned this may be what I have.

Sorry for the visual: the pain I am experiencing is on my right side, from under the breast around to the middle of by back right where my bra strap rests. I could not get home soon enough today to get the thing off....I was tugging at it all day because I was so uncomfortable. The area is tender to the touch and anything touching the area is irritating.

I plan to call my Rheumatologist in the morning, but in the meantime I have taken a double dose of valcyclovir (valtrex) as a precaution and also in the hopes if this is the issue it will inhibit or prevent any blister development.

I am hoping this is NOT what it is....not sure I can handle adding another thing to the building list of medical issues arising from this unforgiving disease.

Thanks for reading and listening to me vent. I am off to bed.

Good night!



I have PsA of type Spondylitis. and yes, i got shingles. I had shingles about a year ago. though I was not at the time Dx yet with PsA AS, I none the less had PsA AS. Thus I was not yet on meds for PsA. At the time my Dr. prescribed anti-biotics and the shingles cleared up in about a week or so.


Could be but "age" and/or stress is the main factor. If its shingles it should be only one side or the other in your body. Rember with PsA the immune system is OVER active not under active,

What I would tell anyone, is if you have not started any biologics, is ask your doc about getting the shingles vaccine now because you can't once you start.

I hope it isn't Suzanne, it can be miserable. The possible good news is it often only happens once if it is

Dear Suzanne,

I have had trouble with 'fever blisters' ever since I can remember, my Mother, Grandmother, did too. I was turned on to probiotics decades ago to remedy this, and it really has helped me to keep from getting them, if I do get them, I get the mortar and pestle out, crush a probiotic, add a drop of water, and put it right on the blister.

I had an area on my backside when my GB was surgically removed that was itching me like nothing else before, asked the surgeon and he told me it was a shingle. I have had this recur, but the probiotics have helped again, and know now to go to my GP and get Valtrex.

The MX gave me about 30 around my mouth, I woke up with them and just flipped out! Was in the GP's office right away, he gave me the Valtrex and the white cream for those, he and the Rheum said it was caused by the MX. They were still present when I went the following week to the Rheumatologist office, and left there with the Enbrel.

My Chiropractor did not allow either of his children to get the chicken pox vaccine, said he did not want them to have shingles when they were 40. So that is his opinion of that.

Not sure if I answered your question, but this is my experience.

I have only had it in one small area, but can tell you nothing will itch like a shingle. Hope you never have any.


My opinion is that stress can bring them on, I can see mine appearing during high stress situations.

Well, it is definitely Shingles. I ended up going to the Dr and right away she said "that's definitely Shingles". She also said it would get worse before it got better and she was right....woke up this morning with more blisters in the area. So, now on high dose of Valtrex and some pain meds and I was told to stay home from work. I haven't noticed any itching so far, just a lot of burning and nerve pain in the area.

So sorry that you have to go through this, Suzanne. Hopefully the Valtrex will kick right in and take care of this. Hope that you do not have the itching. Perhaps it is different with each of us, with me the itch was far worse than the pain, and present before the blisters. At any rate, I hope that the medicine is very fast and effective.

Sending you my best for a quick recovery,


…the itching has begun…dousing myself in Calamine lotion. :slight_smile:

Oh no, shouldn't have even mentioned, hope the Valtrex really helps fast!

Suzanne, he gave me a prescription cream that really helped me get rid of the fever blisters, maybe it would help get rid of the shingles, it is called Zovirax (acyclovir cream 5%). Very soothing and it really zapped the blisters.

Suzanne, hope you are feeling better!