No relief yet

I am currently taking 25mg of mtx once a week plus I am on a prednisone taper. I also take tramadol and naproxen for pain and inflammation. None of it seems to work and I feel like all the drugs I take are just poisoning my body. This last week, my back, hip and neck caused me more pain than they had in the last year. Flare? Maybe. I could barely walk all week and the stiffness in my neck makes it almost impossible to drive because I can't turn my head. I see my rheumy at the end of Sept and I'm pretty sure he will be starting me on Humira. I'm wondering if anyone has had relief from the humira or if it might just be another lost cause. I don't expect any miracles but at this point I am unable to do simple house chores let alone work. The stress of not having an income to help support my family is depressing. Sorry to be a bummer.

Hi bosoxfan, I can relate to trouble turning your head, my most recent MRI showed that I have collapsed discs in my neck, some collapsed on one side, some on the other. One thing I can share is that when possible, I 'pull through park', so I don't have to break my neck to watch a hectic grocery store parking lot to get out!

I’m sorry you are having such a tough time right now. On the bright side, quite a few patients get great results with Humira. This is especially so when MTX is taken at the same time.

It’s necessary to remember than pain does not necessarily equal inflammation. You are very likely getting some control of the PsA with the medications that you are taking, just not enough control. There are many different drugs and therapies left for you to try, so don’t give up hope of feeling better.

Have you seen your PT about the neck pain? I had this for a while. It was related to muscle spasm. Since I was in so much pain in my joints, I also kept very stiff, tight posture that ended up making muscles in my neck spasm. I was able to get rid of the pain with the help of my PT and flexeril. I also used hot compresses on it several time a day.

I honor you get some relief soon. You will definitely be in my thoughts.