Newly diagnosed starting methotrexate in 2 weeks

I was diagnosed with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis about 2 months ago. My Rhuematologist is starting me on 4 pills of methotrexate a week starting two weeks from now when my sinus infection clears up. I am nervous about it. I know it is an strong drug, but the pain in my hip and constant fatigue is unbearable. My fingers crack and bleed from the Psoriasis. I am trying to go to school online to become a Medical Assistant. I have all these student loans to pay and I am afraid I will not be able to work when I am finished. This is a scary diagnosis.

It is scary. It sometimes takes a while (sometimes not) but the vast majority of us respond to treatment and are able to live pretty normal lives. I'm hoping you are one of the ones that responds quickly. Really and truly the MOST difficult part of all of this is to get diagnosed in the first place.......

I have been having trouble for years and, until now, doctors did not take me seriously. I had the joint pain before the skin problems. I would just be given a round of prednisone and sent on my way. I'm happy to have found an excellent network of doctors.

It seems like such a no-brainer when the Dx comes, you gotta wonder what took so long???? The other lesson to learn is for some reason there is a an unhealthy fear of "the drugs" They ARE powerful, this is a big disease. BUT there is more misinformation than not out there. If this forum were to be renamned it would be "Fear the Disease NOT the Drugs"

We don't know WHAT sets our immune systems off but we know the mechanism - tnf's. While for some folks its diet, others phases of the moon, we know the adrenal system for sure (stress) and avoiding those antoagonists can mitigate SYMPTOMS, the disease remains. The only KNOWN way to control the disease (which is different than the symptoms) is with DMRDS and/or Anti TNF's (biologics) or in other words the DRUGS. There are no end of things to make us feel better, and keep us MOVING (critical) but none of them are a substitute for controlling the disease. While toms of folks have gotten relief from diets, gizmos, and 'supplements NO ONE HAS BEEN CURED and all have had flairs. Work with your docs always. .......The other things will help but the drugs ARE critical for long term......

Hopefully to ease your mind a bit about MTX…I’ve been on it for just over a year now and was frightened to take the first dose. After that it got easier. The bad effects have been minimal and can be worked around, my body tolerates it well and after about 3 months of starting I began to improve. Sure, I still get the odd flare up but I’m working, I live a life, I have fun and enjoy myself as much as I can. If I have a bad day I am gentle with myself and rest. Good luck x