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Hello everyone…I am a 39 yo male with PsA that I have battled for almost 4 years. Mine seems fairly aggresion with lots of involved joints. I had a spinal fusion back in May and that is when my Enbrel seem to stop working. I have been in an almost unending flare since then. Currently on Cosentyx and sulfasalazine but about to lose my job since I cant string a whole week together due to horrific fatigue. I have lurked for a while but just now signed up.

Glad to meet you jBrian, welcome!

Sounds like a very difficult time for you. I hope being here will help if only by being amongst people who understand what you’re dealing with.

It’s a bit late to say ‘Happy New Year’ but I will anyway, I hope things get easier in 2017.

Thank you Sybil!

Welcome jbrian - sorry you’re having a tough time - I think we’ve all been there more than once … I had a bad allergic reaction to enbrel but have gotten on pretty well with humira - maybe you could look into changing your mess if they aren’t working for you … The fatigue is a real pain!

Hey there, Brian! Glad you’ve joined us. Tell us about fatigue! I think it was one of my worst symptoms, if not the worst. The thing about it is, before long you start wondering if you’re imagining this, and whether you’re just lazy.

I had a blog on our old site which I saved when we moved platforms. Have a look at it: PsA – Wrecks Your Body, Messes with your Mind.

We’re glad you found us and we hope that you will be too.

Thank you so much Seenie!


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Hi Brian, I am also from SC and also have PsA :slight_smile: what part of SC? I am in Greenville. Hope things are improving for you. I am currently in the process of switching from enbrel to cosentyx. This has been quite a process because the cosentyx has to come from a specialty pharmacy. Hoping it will be worth the cost (20,000 billed to insurance…really??? $0 copy for me) and the hassle of working with a specialty pharmacy (script was written three weeks ago and it still hasn’t arrived…). Just curious Brian, who is your rheumatologist?

Welcome Brian! It sounds like you sure are having a difficult time of it. I do hope it improves for you soon.

Depending on what your employer is like, it might be worth talking to them. I was extremely fortunate and mine overlooked my fatigue for three months until I got onto some medication that worked for it.

Then I had a redundancy and fatigue reared its ugly head again, this time I’ve been very lucky to find work that suits part time. I know that won’t happen for everyone, but I must admit I didn’t ask for some time because I was scared of what the reaction would be, and I was surprised by the supportiveness of it (and my industry probably doesn’t know what the word ‘accommodations’ in that context.

You will get great support here too, hope things improve for you :grinning:

I am down in Sumter but I grew up outside of Greenville. The hassle of using a specialty pharmacy is one I know all to well! It has taken 3 months to get an Rx each time on a new biologic.