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Hello! Good to be part of the forum . My PsA is all about joint pains ( yes I limp) and psoriasis guttate on abdomen & legs. Tenovate ( corticosteroid) keeps it in control but have a tough time for scalp. Have to scrape scales every morning before shampoo and for the joint pain take Etorocoxib 90 mg tablets just to get around. Avoiding stronger doses and just take one pill. No other health issues except overweight at 90 kg and 5 ft 8 height. I am a working father of three with a loving & understanding wife. I have till now hidden my condition from the world. I don’t go to the pool anymore and don’t get outdoors exercise due to pain. Started homeopathy treatment last week too. I just don’t want to see a doctor too often for this and guess have to live with this condition or worse.

Hi N2_India! Sorry about all this…stick around here and you will get good advice and a lot of support!

Thanks . Looking forward. Any medication for the disfigured nails?

Once you are on a disease modifying med and/or a biologic, this should improve. But it will take time for the nail to grow out healthy.

Yes, a lot of us have had nails that look like that, and as Stoney says, treatment by a rheumatologist will get rid of it, although slowly.
Welcome here, N2

Thanks . The rheumatologist had put me on HCQ which is a DMARD by I stopped this a while ago after reading that it can make the psoriasis worse. Biologicals aren’t popular in my part of the world due the so called side effects. The flare shows signs of subsiding in the last 2 days. Keeping the fingers crossed. Meanwhile my homeopath says I have a fair chance of recovering fully after prolonged treatment. I have used natural nail colour before and nobody seemed to notice. :wink:

Recovering fully from what? From joint damage?

Psoriasis getting worse is listed as a side effect of certain meds, but that doesn’t mean that it WILL get worse, just that it can. If your psoriasis wasn’t getting worse, why come off a medication that can actually slow the progression of the disease. Homeopathy might make you feel better, but it doesn’t change the course of the disease.

Sure Stoney. That’s helpful. Will reconsider. It was just that my mum took Methotrexate for around a decade but I am not sure whether that was the reason which gave her lung cancer. Honestly, any recorded history of a PsA patient making a full recovery? I know you want to be helpful. It just that I am confused and just want to live well longer.

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Hi N2,

it’s pretty rare for people to make a full recovery. We all have a systemic inflammatory disease which is progressive in nature. This means without active disease control from DMARDs, like MTX or HCQ–old, tried and effective treatments–or through the use of biologic medications like Humira, Enrel, Stelara, etc.–newer, expensive and effective medications–your disease will likely continue to worsen.

It is hard to tell how rapidly or how degenerative PsA will be for each of us, so we all try to stay on our medications to increase the likelihood that the deleterious effects of our disease will be mitigated. And we encourage our friends on the site to seek an aggressive and consistent treatment plan. We are looking to control the progress of the disease. Alternative treatments can be very helpful in lessening the daily symptoms of PsA but they are not tried and tested in arresting the progression of the arthritis. DMARDS–disease modifying anti-rheumatics–are what to take to slow the progress of your arthritis and, we hope, lessen the likelihood of severe joint damage over time.

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture–it’s not really intended to be one. We are all hoping for the silver bullet–that one miraculous organic compound that will cure us. None of us has found it! But each of us has experienced life-changing benefits from DMARDs old and new.


That’s a very comprehensive reply. Got me thinking afresh. Will discuss options with the Rheumatologist. You would make a good Doc. Thanks😊

I might play one well on TV!

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