New Friend

I'm excited to say that I'm going to meet the illustrious Michael in Vermont on Saturday. In Vermont, of course. Weather permitting. I first have to get out of the winter storm in the Midwest. I'm so impressed what this site can do: Support, information and new BFFs!!

Excellent! Safe travels, and have a great time!

Yippee, Jane! I wish I could drop in to join you. Godspeed and good times!

Ooooo! Wonderful news :slight_smile:
Give Michael a hug from meā€¦then get her to give you a hug, also from me <3

Wow, that is great, you both are such lovely people and am sure you will have loads to chat about. Safe Travels and have a blast in Vermont with Michael or should I say Michael in Vermont lol

That's awesome ! I hope the weather is good.