New diagnosis, in pain, depressed

I’m 32 years old I have waited almost 2 years to finally be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, started with mild pain in my wrists and has developed into the worst pain I have ever experienced, I can barly move my wrists fingers, the balls of my feet are so sore and burning my knees hurt when walking, I’ve become very emotional and depressed I feel like I’m useless now and can’t seem to get over being diagnosed with a disease! I was an electrician had to stop because the pain was unreal and I was dropping tools! I’m stuck in a rut and just found this site I’m hoping some people can give me tips and pointers as to what worked for them and what didn’t, I have not givin up on movement but the more active I am and the more I do the more pain in! It’s awful. I feel like know one around me understands the pain I’m experiencing and everyone seems to be a doctor and know everything about arthritis!
Help please

Hi Rob. I totally get it. I have been diagnosed about a year and for months it was depressing. People try to understamd but they cant if they dont have a disease like this. This forum has been amazing for me and many others I bet. I check here often to see what others are dealing with, to research PsA and for support. Hang in. It gets better...

Hi Rob, just wanted to tell you you're not alone and everyone here understands what you're going through. The good news is that you've got a diagnosis and that is the first step to a treatment plan which will help .... it may not be the first drug or even the second but maybe a combination or even moving on to a biologic in due course ..... so hang in there, it will get better. Have you got a good doc/rheumy treating you? I have an emergency helpline to the rheumatology nurses that I can ring if I am 'in trouble' with the pain etc ..... is there something/someone similar you can reach out to? If you need more pain relief tell the docs.

You are spot on that the people around us don't understand, this very frustration drove me to write an open letter to my friends and family so I could tell them about it. I posted it here on a blog which you can look up - if it helps you feel free to show them/copy it/re-write it with your story.

Something else which helped me deal with coming to terms with the disease is knowledge, the more I know the more I feel some control rather than being swept away in the current - try the book recommended under book reviews The facts: Psoriatic Arthritis - Gladman/Vinod. It's available on Amazon both as a paperback or Kindle, it's not expensive and worth its weight in gold. And it helps to have more productive consultations with doctors and understand the treatments available.

Don't give up on getting back to your job, I've recently had to shut my own business down because of PsA but I'm not giving up hope of being able to re-start when the next treatment gives me some improvement.

There are great people here and you'll find lots of support and information.

Hi there, Rob, and welcome! I’m the Canadian mod, eh? :wink: You’re in good company here – between us we have a lot of experience with PsA and various treatments.
I, too, totally get the depression thing. Being in pain, having a hard time at work, not having as much energy as you’d like – they are all very depressing. But this disease often brings its own depression with it as well. Last year I went on one of the biologic medications, and long before I felt any pain relief, I experienced a lifting of my depression. And I’m not the only member here that has experienced depression as a symptom of PsA. So it’s probably all part of the PsA package, and when you and your rheumatologist find the therapy that is effective for you, there will be much brighter days ahead.
I’m glad you joined, Rob, and I hope you find this a good place for support and information.

Hi Rob,
Hang in there, and try not to beat those “know-it-alls” with a spade!!

Unfortunately we all know exactly where you are coming from as far as the pain, frustration, depression, merry-go-round.

My advice would be to research as much as you can about this disease from accredited sites and sources (there’s a lot of rubbish) and become your own advocate…this way you can start to get a grip on the symptoms, the drugs used, the therapies that are beneficial. It gives you a starting point when you have appointments to be able to ask the right questions.

I’m a firm believer in keeping as active as you can. We all have bad phases when we can’t do much but even a few gentle stretches done in the right way will help overall.

The book mentioned it fantastic :slight_smile:
Good luck

Welcome to the group Rob! That's good news that you have a diagnosis,as it makes moving forward with treatment easier. It can take a few tries to get it right, and most of the meds take some time to work, so patience is needed.

You were saying that your feet are a problem. . . You may want to go to the foot doctor and see if you can have custom orthotics made. These might make a real difference.

As to the depression, yes, it's not uncommon. Dealing with the depression directly may help with your overall pain levels as well, so this isn't something that should just be pushed to the side.

Thank you to everyone for your replys it’s nice knowing that I have found a place to call home where I can ask questions and research with others that are in the same boat!

Also here is the meds that I have been prescribed For arthritis, hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate, folic acid I hope they work

Hi Rob! I'm so glad you logged in and found us. There is so much to learn about PSA. There's all the stuff you need to understand about the mechanics of the disease and the medications.Then there's the ever-present concern about a flare or catching whatever is going around because your immune system is depressed thanks to your medications. And then there's the psychological fallout of having a chronic illness. There are so many moving parts to that one and everyone has a VERY different coping strategy (mine was a really good therapist and a couple of great books). Your life has certainly changed because of your diagnosis. You, however, have not changed. You simply need to figure out how to fit the old you into the new life you have with your diagnosis (easier said than done, of course!!). Remember, YOU are not sick, there is simply sickness inside your body. Your job is to control that sickness as best you can to live a full and rich life. Wishing you well!

I was on a small dose of methaltaxate and Celebrex and methaltaxate did not work and Celebrex just tore my stomach open, so I’m waiting to restart on much higher doses however I’m currently waiting 2 weeks after getting all my flu shots so my body will build antibody a before I nuke my immune system!

sybil said:

Just wondering how long you’ve been taking them. I found Mtx was slow to deliver but made a big difference bit by bit.

Rob said:

Also here is the meds that I have been prescribed For arthritis, hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate, folic acid I hope they work


This PsA is rough man. I am 39 I have a career I have been at for 10 years and my job & physical life are just in a wreck right now. I found out I have this about 6 months ago. It happened fast.

The pain and fatigue is tough. I have been missing tons of work & I keep getting sick with my immune system being so low from the injection I take (Humaria).

I am off of work again 2 day. I got sick with bronchitis & I am having a flare up at the same time.

It is hard because even though I will be 40, I feel like I am a young guy to get this. I feel sick & I am stressed about keeping my job until I move out of state in a few months.

When I try to explain to co-workers & my supervisor they just don't get it. They think they are all doctors and arthritis experts. They think because I am not an old man that it can't be bad & they have no idea.

I am feeling really stressed today about work & career & I should just be focusing on feeling better. My family depends on me and I feel like I am getting more worthless each day.

I see you are from Canada, sometimes when I have a flare up & stay home I watch some Trailor Park Boys and they get me smiling. They actually make me LMFAO at times.

I can relate to you. It took me a couple of years to get diagnosed. It was very depressing to me as well. I am newly diagnosed. In October I began treatment. Once the disease is under control I think living with this will become easier. I too feel useless at times. People around me don't understand. They roll their eyes when I say I am in pain or fatigued. I hope things get better for you. It may take some time to get it under control.

Welcome, Rob!
You have definitely come to the right place to find people who understand. I think that many of us have been right where you are; I know I have. Getting your mind wrapped around this disease can be really hard. Don’t worry about what others think, let that go. Just worry about you and your needs until you are feeling better. Focus on finding the right treatment that will allow you to live and function the best that you can. Sit down which someone who cares and brain-storm ways to simplify your life and make it more livable for you. Find a good therapist who can help you accept this diagnosis and help you with the tools that you will need to carry on, be strong, and does get better than this. Your life is not over, it’s just different.
If you need anything, let me know. I’m happy to help.