Need tendon flare-up help!

I've had (except for some plantar fascitis) only joint symptoms until 4 months ago. I know how to cope with everything my body throws at me joint-wise after 30 yrs.

I feel like a total newbie when it comes to the tendon stuff though. I developed full body enthesitis in July. Jaws to toes. It is MOSTLY under control after adding Arava to my Simponi.

HOWEVER, I still get enthesitis flares. I've had one building all week and it blew in full force this Friday. My toes and around my knees are the worst. Does anyone have tips for me? I'm not sure if I should ice or hot pack, elevate it and rest. Do I stretch or not? Everything I do seems to make it worse. The only things that do help a bit are original Tiger Balm rubbed on the inflamed tendon area, and KT Tape supporting the inflamed tendon.

I'd really like any knowledge thrown my way from those who have had a lot of experience with the tendon inflammation side of PsA. I just don't have much info about it. Anything would be helpful.

Hi there, I have had tendon issues for 20 odd years and I haven’t really found much that helps but have always been advised by my OT to keep up with the stretch exercises however bad I am, but to make sure I don’t push my body too far…I have tried imobilising as well in the early days but that just made me loose mobility in the joint and joint areas and had to work really hard to get the mobility back again. Most of the pain I have is from enthesis, I’m in a flare now, and find that each one is worse than the last…I did hope that being on MTX would stop the flares but they have returned since August, seeing my specialist on 9th so will see if I can get some more help with coping with enthesis. If I get any help I’ll pass it on :slight_smile:

I don't believe it, me too! It has been building until Friday when it blew full force. I am miserable, can hardly open my hands. This will be short! I have been wanting to whine all weekend but did not want to burden my husband so I will whine with you. WHINE. There, I fill better! Maybe I can finally inject my mtx dose now. I have been putting it off as I am not sure my hands can flex enough. I may just have to jam it in this week! i love this site. I feel less alone. Thanks for being you.

Oh bless you Michael, you can whine all you like :slight_smile: but its not really whining…as you say it doesn’t seem fair to moan to the family especially as they can’t really do anything…although I have a lump come up on my upper back between my shoulder blades and I’ve got my partner to rub it as its the only relief I can get ( it just throbs) as I can’t reach it myself lol.
The problems I find with tendon pain is the docs aren’t too concerned because the joint isn’t swollen, feel I may have to have a crying melt down in the rheumatologists office this friday as I am so tired of coping with this level of pain and its getting me down…unusually tearful at the moment but trying to work out if its the condition, the menopause, the pain, reaching 50, stress at work, or all of it rolled into one! Wishing us all a bit of relief x

Louise- My money is it is all rolled into one.I took some Vicodin, got a good night's sleep and feel a bit better to deal. I am going to think of something to reward myself with for getting through the last week with a modicum of dignity in tact. Can you do likewise? You deserve it. My thoughts and prayers are with you as always.

Yep think I can manage that lol :slight_smile: good idea…Thanks X take care, wishing you all the best and more restful nights