Musicians with psoriatic arthritis

Hey everyone... I pasted these links in a different post, but thought it might bring a little joy or support to everyone's day... Being a musician/guitarist, I can't resist. Both of these musicians had really bad cases of psoriatic arthritis (Byron Janis & Shawn Lane). I've listened to both for years, even before I knew what psoriatic arthritis was.

Thanks for sharing these.

While not a musician, I have found that many things I enjoy have had to be modified or dropped due to arthritis. So knitting is out, but sewing (by machine) is in. I have to say though, I did a search and found out that Shawn Lane is no longer alive due to complications. Not exactly encouraging.

That's great that these 2 musicians were able to enjoy their craft for awhile with PsA! I've had to modify many things due to this disease, but one thing that kept my hands from deforming too much during ages 10-15 was playing the piano (which I had been doing before). It was the best physical therapy, and it helped. If you have trouble playing guitar (I know, not something you want to think about), it's possible another instrument would be better for you. But probably treatment can help you enough so you can get back to your playing Ryan.

These musicians have nice looking hands compared to mine. Cannot play my guitar nor the piano anymore. Actually, my Rheumy forbid me to play at all. Last month I tried to play and pulled a muscle trying to extend my hand to reach some notes. Oh well, I can still enjoy music as I listen to it.