Muscle spasms

Hi everyone. My biggest problem with my PsA are my tendons. My ankles are slightly swollen and hurt badly where the tendons attach. My question is the last two nights I have been woken up by what I'm guessing is a muscle spasm on the side of my leg and shin over the tendons, where it has been hurting It hurts like hell. Last night it last about 10 minutes. Because of the weird locations I couldn't figure out a way to stretch it out, and was unable to walk it off. I must say there are some of the most painful experiences I've had so far. Are muscle spasms (or tendon spasms) part of this whole PsA picture? And any tricks on getting them to stop? My labs are all fine, just checked. Still hurts and feels really tight today.

I'm wondering if what you're describing is what I'd call cramp? It's how my PsA symptoms first started in 2011. I know we've discussed this on LWPsA before so you may want to try the search bar (top right of page) and search for cramp and charley horse. Making sure I'm adequately hydrated makes the greatest difference to me but when it happens massaging the affected leg and walking around helps. As I recall it's one of the many symptoms with PsA.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it is a cramp. I will search. Thank you. And yes, I've had them before, just not as "strong" or often before I was found to have PsA. It's such a weird spot. Massaging it was finally how I got it to stop. Couldn't walk it off. Than you.

Hi needs answers!

I get a lot of problems in my feet at night. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet and take medicine for that. But I also often get cramps in my feet (toes and insteps) and in the low calf muscles. I have found that any weight on my feet at night makes things much worse at night and in the morning. The weight of comforters can press down on your relaxed feet making the ankles overwork or pushing the toes backwards or forwards. Even just a light comforter is enough to give me really bad pain in my toes by morning. So now, every night, I fluff up the covers at the bottom of the bed and make sure everything is untucked and in a big "poof" so nothing puts weight on my feet. Even with the medicine for neuropathy this is an important step to letting my feet get some rest!

Oh and Jules makes a good point about hydration. Plenty of water helps almost all things! Good luck.

I also have spasms and cramps. I agree with janeatiu regarding the blankets. If I add any weight to my legs I have horrible cramps. I understand the pain. First you are sleeping, then there is an intense pain. My hubs said I have awoke screaming and rubbing my legs! I don't remember the screaming, but I remember the pain! I don't have a quick fixes. Walking, yoga, lots of vitamins, and healthy balance of water intake.

Thank you amielynn and jeaneatiu. I am sorry you deal with the same issue I seem to be having now. I really appreciate your suggestions. I made my bed covers very loose last night at the bottom of the bed, and slept all night. Any weight, even just from blankets hurts me too on my ankles. I will try all the suggestions. It is nice to know I'm not crazy with all the issues going on with my PsA and my legs. There truly is comfort in groups.

I have been recently diagnosed with PsA and had no idea that the miserable and excrutiating muscle cramps and spasms could be part of this. I have suffered from these for years and chalked it up to low magnesium. If you haven't checked your mg levels you should even if normal here are a few suggestions as most people are deficient. As most people don't tolerate mg supplements well, they can cause loose stools. Use magnesium oil and apply this to your legs at night before bed. it wont have the same nasty effect the pill form does. Have you tried the bar of soap under the sheet? Not sure why this works but it does. There are a few supplements out there that you can take also, one is Hyland Leg Cramp, it may help though it never helped me out. Now, during a muscle spasm while not screaming or trying to wake up your husband or wife to give you a massage middle of the night there is a product I have used with success it is called Cramp 911. It is a roll on and I believe it contains a lot of magnesium. It works as does Icy Hot or such massaged into the area. These do nothing for the deep muscle spasms I get inside my knee or back or chest but it may help you.

Sorry you suffer too with these Lorna, I too, had no idea they were apart of PsA, especially before I was diagnosed. I always thought it was low potassium. Thank you so much for sharing all these great tips and ideas. I am definitely going to check these out. I'll try anything, cause my husband is less than amused, although wonderful, when I wake him. in the middle of the night. Love all this sharing of what helps!