Multiple DX

I went to my rheumatologist yesterday. He examined me....he'd already diagnosed me with Sjogrens....and with PsA-6 years ago. Last night he told me I now have RA and OA as well. Is there strength in numbers?? Other than doing eye and mouth care because of the Sj I suppose it makes little difference in my treatment plan. Do any statistics exist on the long term implications of multiple DX?

TOmorrow I go to have the final test to confirm or deny the eye doc's suspicion that I have glaucoma > He already told me I have cataracts--most likely due to very heavy frequent use of IV steroids for severe asthma. I love to read. I am an hands and my eyes are critical to me. This disease has already robbed me of my maybe my eyesight?

Those are called co-morbidities. Some doc's will add seperate diagnoses to the primary for reasons I have never understood. Sometimes its something by the insurance companies for additional medications/tests. Sometimes they are seperate conditions with specific treatments specific to the Dx, but most often its because the first thing docs in this field (and related fileds) are taught is The Law of Parsimony and are either unable to explain it or their patient can understand it.

The The Law of Parsimony, when applied to arthropathies, simply means a patient may have more than one arthropathy going on in a given joint. (especially important for radiologists) This is most commonly due to secondary osteoarthritis due to some other arthropathy, although other unusual combinations of arthropathies may be seen. With PsA you will see the traditional "pencil in a cup", but because of inflammation you will see OA resulting from the damage, and of course you will see erosions (RA) from the enthesitis.

There is a class of PsA patients that seem unable to understand they have a nasty disease that effect anything and everything but just love to skip the whole Law of Parsimony thing and love a "laundry list" These are tough patients to treat. If they walk away from every appointment with a new Dx (confusing it with a description) they are happy. Of course they don't stay happy and frequently change doctors looking for the "magic diagnoses" These are also the same patients who rare sometimes fired, not taken seriously or worse are sent to "pain management" That rapidy in their Docs eyes become attention seekers.

In a lot of "health forums" there is a signature line (we don't have it here for good reason) and some members use it to list all their Dx (includind some year old thant can't possibbly coexist with current diagnoses) and every med (usually by the "legal or generic name" instead of the trade name. Almost always these members are posting to every thread, somehow making it about them in some way.

So to answer your question Quash what the evidence shows about multiple Diagnoses all relating to the same disease, is either the Doc or the patient is a bit wackadoo (as grumpy would say)

As I would say (and hope it doesn't offend anyone) when it comes to PsA SH!T rolls down hill and gains momentum, and like a snowball size.