MTX and feeling run down

Just wondering if anyone out there feels like MTX lowers your immune system. I have had cold symptoms for the last week. Stuffy nose, sore throat, fatigue!!! Now today I have a cold sore (herpes). I only get those when I am run down. My glands feel swollen…I have just gotten to my 3 month mark on MTX. Other than this haven’t felt bad on it. A little loss of appetite. Last weeks dose exhausted me though…tired for 2 days!! Wondering why now I feel so crappy!! I do take folic acid everyday. For the slight improvement I have found with MTX not happy with the exhaustion for 2 days!! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I feel that MTX has lowered my immune system. I now catch every single cold that comes along and suffer with it much longer than anyone in the family. I make sure I eat a high quality diet and exercise daily but it doesn't make a difference.

This is what MTX is meant to do…lower your immunity in rheumatology use. Drugs like MTX are used to dampen down your immune system as it is seen that your immune system has been working aggressively and attacking you too. MTX is used for some organ transplant recipients for the same reason along with cyclosporin etc.
I hardly ever had colds or fever before starting MTX but this last winter was miserable as far as colds went.
Keeping to a health diet and exerciseis always going to help you, who know how you might have been without that! Unfortunately its another cross we have to bear it seems

I was on MTX and change to lafluminide. I was on the highest does of MTX every morning I would vomit I would spend the day feeling tired and generally sick. After stopping MTX the vomiting continued for 2 years mostly after food so did the tiredness until I began collapsing I went in and was told I needed a emergency operation to remove my appendix after removing I was told I had acute apendacitice and that it had do much scar tissue it had been coming and going for a long time. There is no proof to say it but my doctor said its possible and I beleive it began with MTX and also your appendix although said to have no real use is beleived to be related to your immune system. Like I say using know MTX caused this but timings were close and I have never been one to vomit before MTX