MTX and alcohol-label?

I filled my MTX and for the first time, it has a warning lable to not drink alcohol while on it. What is this about?

MTX is processed through your liver. It is a strong med and can cause liver function problems so adding alcohol to the mix makes your liver work all the harder. You will be having monthly bloodwork to check on your liver counts. I have the occasional drink, probably have one drink aweek during te summer months but seldom drink the rest of the year. My liver counts stay the same but they have risen. Its my personal choice, ask you doctor or rheumatoligist about it.

my liver enzymes have also risen. I too have decided to stop drinking though I do have a glass of wine a couple of times a year. The rest of the time I drink cranberry juice and ginger ale so I don't miss the fun.

My dr said a few drinks a month if any! So that’s what I am doing. 1st enzyme test perfect. I do miss my wine :(. But I 7 weeks into the MTX no improvements yet. Got another month to go. If it does work like some say then I can handle a few drinks a month…we’ll see…

Dear Pippy, MX is often not well tolerated without alcohol. Most posts will tell you that it will increase your risk of liver problems. What you really may want to do is see how your Doctor feels about this, but warnings are in place to protect you.


My rheumatologist says it varies from person to person. She said as long as I stay within the (UK) guidelines for women's alcohol consumption I should be ok. I have done this and my liver function has remained steady and healthy. Saying that, I have never been a heavy drinker and I always drink wine in conjunction with plenty of water. If you have a sensitive liver or a heavy drinker then it would be wise to stay clear but a few glasses of nice wine spread over the week should be fine.

The risk of trashing your liver is not worth the alcohol in my view- It is a substantial risk depending on the MTX dose- also matters if it is injected or pills. More if the MTX is absorbed and processed by the liver with the injections. If your liver functions get compromised your treatment options will be very limited - so in my view it just isn’t worth it.