Sulphasalazine has helped me over the years, but not so much now (still advised to keep taking it). I have also been given methotrexate now (20mg one day a week). Side effects are not so good (itchy skin, blisters) but it has reduced pain levels and held back white blood cells, which has made life a little more manageable

Has anyone had other side effects from methotrexate, mines seem quite mild (although I do not want to speak too soon)

That's a high starting dose of MTX. The biggest tips for successful use of MTX are to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, and to take folic acid. Different doctors suggest different dosing schedules. I take 2000mg every day (and still do on leflunomide).

Stoney it is funny you should mention the water as I have had a thirst from the start. No one said to drunk plenty water, but in listening to my body I have been, which is good, so thank you for that. I was given folic acid along with MTX (but told not to take Folic on same day). I am rather lucky in that side effects are minimal :)

Hi juniper

I had bad headaches with mtx for about 3 months - nothing could shift em - they eventually just stopped - presumably as I got used to the drug. I’m also always really tired the day after injection but that’s it!