Methotrexate makes me feel pregnant ! Mini-rant

OK, I took my 5th dose of Methotrexate yesterday and I have decided that, for me, the side effects are similar to pregnancy. For one thing, I have hot and cold flashes. One minute I am sweating and a few minutes later I have goosebumps. I must have taken my cardigan off 15 times today, only to put it back on. I wake up at night all "schweddy" as I call it since the SNL skit. I HATE sweating.

As far as my appetite goes, there is no middle ground with food. I either crave or am repulsed by the idea of food depending on what it is. I have that "dirty penny" taste in my mouth.

I have very vivid and disturbing dreams on the nights that I take it (Sunday).

I consider myself fortunate that I don't have terrible GI problems with the oral tablets, but am only mildly queasy.

I miss wine. A LOT.

If the shortage is resolved and Methotrexate is even available in the future, I hope it will be worth this trouble.

Thanks for listening.

I’ve had similar symptoms, the hot and cold, the same thing with food. I thought it was just me, and yes, wine is missed, but I haven’t asked yet if a glass here or there is ok. Will do tomorrow :slight_smile: I also hope its worth the trouble for both of us. Good luck!

I just stopped taking MTX. But yes, I was nauseous most of the time, having hot flashes, and for the first month plus I don't think that I touched a vegetable at all. Barely ate more than eggs and toast, and even that was sometimes too much. I came off it due to it not working.

How do you know if MTX is not working?

I also have all the side effects MimiB so eloquently describes down to the "dirty penny taste"! Funny I did not have any of these symptoms with pregnancy- no morning sickness at all! I do not experience nausea now but a very slight queasiness and food frequently does not entice me especially meat, I do not like the texture in my mouth. Must be some sort of vegetarian in me struggling to come out! But all the side effects I have with methotrexate or mtx have faded immensely. Now I only notice them now and then and only slightly. I have been on it about a year now. I thought it was not working until I went off of it. In about 6 weeks I was ready to go back on it despite any side effects! I had a huge flare being off of it. Red swollen joints that felt hot to the touch. Difficulty even caring for myself and mega fatigue. i did not know it was working until I went off of it. The mtx may not have a long term effect protecting joints from PsA but it does preserve my ability to function. I also take Enbrel my rheumatologist says I may have 2 drinks per month but I have my blood work done every 12 weeks and if my liver enzymes were to rise she would tell me no more alcohol at all.