Methotrexate and Otezla

Since July 28th I’ve been on Methotrexate. After 2 months dr. Dropped me from 6 pills to 5 pills because my liver enzymes were elevated.

That same week i ran into some serious marriage problems (which is why I’ve been missing from the forum) my health went on the back burner.

2 months ago I also started Otezla.

I was scared to death to begin with methotrexate. I fortunately had no serious side effects. Some nausea in the beginning and my hair seems more brittle but it’s all manageable.

The Otezla did give me upset stomach for the first few weeks. I have nausea and reflux at bedtime (if I take it and go to sleep immediately I seem fine) I also get migraines almost daily. I’ve always suffered with migraines but with a better diet they’re under control on Otezla now I get a migraine at least every other day.

However, with Otezla my depression seems to be way worse. In the first 3 weeks In The adjustment phase. I was extremely depressed. Home life was not good but I do feel strongly like the medication had a big part in my deep deep depression for about of month with daily thoughts of suicide. :frowning:

I’m 2 months and 1 week in now and for about 2 hours after I take the Otezla each day I start to feel very down but nothing like in the beginning.

Crazy part is. I don’t feel better. With prednisone methotrexate and Otezla I thought I’d start to finally feel good.

Before I started methotrexate I did a round of prednisone. I felt AMAZING.

I’m finishing up another round now and it did not help at all like it did the first time.

I got cold after cold after cold. I’ve been off methotrexate going on 4 weeks now because I could not get well.

Me inflammation is worse. My pain is worse. My fatigue is extreme and my liver enzymes are very elevated.

Dr. Says that the Otezla wouldn’t be causing the liver enzyme to elevate. But I’ve been off methotrexate almost a month already. I cannot take excedrin migraine due to the elevated liver enzymes. So idk what I’m going to do with 3 young kids and migraines every other day.

I’ve also noticed when I wean off prednisone I get very fatigued.

Anyway, just wanted to update anyone interested in my journey. And I hope to be more active again on the forum. My husband and I are working on our marriage but my therapist really wants me to do my best to focus on my health first.

Methotrexate caused my enzymes to spike and so I could not take it. It took a bit before I blood tested again but if you have fatty liver or are taking meds this can further this issue. Otezla did not elevate my enzymes and it seemed to help some but during that time I was having some side effects related to mental health and I was having heart burn as well. There are many common drugs that can elevate liver enzymes. I do not take either drug at all. I moved on to others that I could tolerate.

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For me, Methrotrexate caused headaches, thinning of the skin, my hair became brittle and started falling out, and my stomach was always upset…almost all of these meds upset my stomach. It has taken me over 2 years to get my hair healthy again. I have a friend on Methrotrexate, and he feels nauseous just thinking about taking medication.

Here is the thing about this disease, there is no cure, and personally, I am in daily pain. I struggle and force myself to do things. I am so exhausted all the time. I have to work, but it takes everything I have, and I have nothing left by the end of each day or the weekend. No one understands what it this is like, nor the side affects of the medications. I, too, get very depressed. I don’t sleep well, so that adds to it. I cannot tell you the number of times I have felt like taking a whole bottle of these meds and just being done, but I force myself to go off to bed and start again tomorrow. If you have added stress, such as marital issues, financial issues, work issues and pain, those things increase flare-ups. Talk to your rheumatologist. If a medication causes you issues, you need to let them know. There are many alternatives. My rheumatologist always says: why didn’t you call me.? You can’t control this disease, but you can control your treatments. Research…it helps.

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