Methotrexate advantages/disadvantages

Well I just came home from the rheumatologist earlier and we discussed adding dmard’s with my Remicade treatments since I am not getting enough relief with just the infusions alone. The weather here in St. Louis is absolutely crazy, up and down, snow, rain, extreme heat, and all in the last month. I have been looking up different medicines and it looks like methotrexate is a little safer as far as staying in your system for less time after you stop taking it. My husband and I are going to try and start having children next year but we are both seeing a weight loss doctor (I’m down 21lbs and my husband is down 40lbs!!!) and in hopes of making my arthritis a bit better as well as hopefully not having as difficult of a pregnancy with all the risks I have with being heavy as well as having PsA. I was just curious on any insight anyone can give me. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Well, MTX is clearly a better choice than leflunomide. I wonder if plaquenil could be used instead of MTX. I'm wondering this, because it was safe to use while I was breastfeeding.

That said, it's fairly common for women to experience a remission when they are pregnant. You would just need to be prepared for it to come back after giving birth.

And congrats to you and your husband for working so hard on weight loss.

My dermatologist gave me the best explanation yet of how the MTX can help when using a biologic. It lets the biologic stay in your system longer (probably because your body isn't attacking it as badly). So if you're finding that your infusion wears off, MTX will help it not wear off. Also the overall level of Remicade in your body would increase. He was recommending low dose MTX, like 7.5 to 10 mg.

I think at that dose the side effects are pretty minimal.

Thank you for the information. It’s hard to find real advice anywhere else. :slight_smile: