Medical remission?

When we are in medical remission, is the PSA smoldering under the radar? Do we stop our meds or continue???

A medical remission or a symptom remission? most of us will experience remissions which are like the opposite of a flare. But that does not mean the disease has stopped. It may be just under the radar but damage can happen so quickly and silently it would be a very poor idea to stop the meds.

I’ve always wondered the same. I imagine when people say they’ve been in remission for years it simply means they’re currently asymptomatic. They still have the disease. But for a while it’s just purring like a kitten not growling like a tiger. But that’s just my guess.

So let me get this. You spend 3 grand a month for medication, force your self to "move when you don't want to, eat food you don't like such as green vegetables instead of french fries. and it works The pain, stiffness and fatigue that led you to do all this is now gone.

In light of that great success, you think it time to stop treatment because the treatment is working. I am saying this tongue in cheek and with lots of smiley faces Angela, but that kind of screwed up thinking should qualify you for a great government job.

IF you have PsA it doesn't go away. There are times as others have said where you may not feel PAIN. But this disease is not about pain. Its about a defective Immune system that produces excess Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha. It doesn't stop it attaches that stuff to the neutrophil's in your blood at will. Now whether you are taking drugs that confuse the neutraphils (DMARDS) or stop the TNF from being produced (biologicals) or both you still have PsA

For some reason a lot of folks don't like Phil Michelson. I'm not sure why. He is just like us. He wakes up one morning and can't get out of bed. he gets treatment which works until of course the British open from which he withdraws and comes home missing the next tournament because he is "tired" he gets moving again slowly gets better and goes on a great run. He must be in remission!!!!!! THEN he pulls one of the biggest comebacks in professional golf to win his second major in a row (Scottish Open.) What happens next? On national TV he Holds up the trophy and DROPS IT ON HIS DAUGHTERS HEAD. It was funny- his wife grabs it, saves the day, the commentators have a big laugh, the guys I'm watching the tourney with have a great laugh, and I want to bawl because I know EXACTLY what happened here is a great golfer, great Human, enjoying a great moment of personal triumph )not to mention an unbelievable physical/mental feat) and for him the moment of joy and Triumph is taken from him by good ol' PsA. Do you think during the month or so Phil was on top he consdidered stopping his treatment?????

So true, so true. I know. I know. Stupid ( but hopeful). I think the 6 year "remission " gave me a false sense of a vacation from possibly harmful biologic therapy. Everyone keeps asking me how long I will have to take Enbrel this time (initiating 1st injection tonite and this is my 3rd round with Enbrel in 10 years). I guess the answer is indefinitely (assuming it will work like the other times). This current flare up is astronomically different from all others I’ve experienced. Systemic stiffness and fatigue like crazy. I’ve only had joint swelling and pain in the past, so this is all new to me. My threshold for pain is pretty high, but feeling like your limbs are sand bags doesn’t help take care of three children. Thanks for helping jerk a knot in my tail!! I appreciate your candidness.