Medical Alert Bracelet

I'm not sure if there has already been a discussion on this at some point, but are we supposed to have a medical alert bracelet/necklace? I do carry a list of what medicine i'm on and how much with me, but I doubt paramedics would look for it unless they knew I was on something to begin with. This might be especially important for those on the biologics as they are such strong immunosurppressants. Thoughts?

I ordered one to be safe.

I've worn one for years, primarily because I have reactive hypoglycemia. Ok fine, my mom told me I should wear one. And yes, I was in my early 30's then. I like it because I know that if anything ever happens, my medical information is easily available. I use Medic Alert, and keep my information updated online. Which I just realized I am not up to date, of course.

I’ve never thought of having an alert bracelet or anything. In the uk when our meds are prescribed the opposite side lists all your current meds as well so I always carry an up to date one in my purse (where my IDs are) just in case.
Thanks for raising this topic its probably something we don’t really think about :slight_smile:

I have been wanting to get one for eyes now…only problem is my meds change as often as the Seasons. I too carry a med list in my purse but what if I don’t have it on me? I need to order one for sure

*years not eyes

I am looking around for a blank one so I can add my meds on there.

I have never thought about this but it is a very good idea. Thanks

I had gotten my bracelet when I had a shunt implanted in my brain for hydrocephalus. I get my bracelet from because all a paramedic or ER has to do is call them with my ID number from my bracelet and they have all of the information about my Hydro, PsA and all of the medicines I take. It is well worth the $25 a year membership. I even updated my records to show that my right knee has been replaced. I can update my records on the Internet. They have the contact numbers for my family as well. The bracelet can speak for you in case of an accident.

Perfect MartaR! That's what I have too, and everything is managed online.

I also carry a list in my purse, but I have a copy in both of our cars that I keep with car insurance and registration information. I have a list posted on my refrigerator as well. After taking care of 4 family members and a friend as they were dying taught me that in a crisis your memory may fail you and this takes the guest work out of the equation. I also have a copy in my personnel file at work. I like the advice on and will check it out today. I love the support and ideas I gather here every day. Thank you all for sharing.

There is a medical alert devcie that has a usb plu that anyone can plug into a computer and get your information. I saw it in Arthritist Today magazine.

I have a couple different medical alert bracelets. I love my silicone bracelet from icoebracelets on I think it was $6 and custom imprinted with what I wanted on it. Mine lists my penicillin allergy, celiac, and says PsA: TNF inhibitor (I was switching from Enbrel to Remicade, so the basic TNF inhibitor covered it!!!).

Thought about it. ER's have asked if I had any because I am on blood thinners. I always keep on my purse a chart that lists my meds, conditions, allergies, food intolerance, and all my doctors' info (name, specialty, address, phone and fax numbers). On the heading I have my personal information. Doctors and hospitals love it because everything is listed at a glance. It is like having your medical records in one sheet (mine is two pages long). On the top right corner it says the date it was updated.

Check with your doc PLEASE.I was just speaking with a paramedic. A medic alert bracelet that does not have specifics on it will slow down treatment while records are accessed....

A penicillin allergy is one thing, Enbrel is another. As strong as some of drugs our they have no effect on initial and emergency treatment.....

True, spoke to my doctor and he just told me to put my drug allergy. He said in case of emergency you have an emergency. He told me to put the name and number your number. I have one and added his name and number.

In an emergency, my Enbrel and mtx use won't factor in, my celiac disease won't factor in as they won't force gluten down my throat while I'm uncoscious, haha, tetanus allergy won't, morphine won't. Blood thinner users, pcn allergy, seizure disorder, etc. are why medic alert bracelets were designed for. EMS doesn't need to be glutted by people wearing bracelets that aren't needed for emergency reasons. Wear something pretty instead, keep obvious med list in purse or wallet, and save your money. I love the entsy site, btw. Pretty things, affordable, and made the right way.

That was my view Michelle! If I had been run over by a bus I don’t think my 15mg of weekly mtx would worry anybody in the short term…

Thanks for the entsy tip. I looked at it last night. It is wonderful! Especially when you can't sleep due to pain......

Yes, but don't write it on the bracelet for the cop to see it in a car accident. No sleep? and driving? Tsk, tsk.