Managing Pain....and stupid Rinvoq

Been quiet here lately…

Off the Rinvoq a few days as it seems to causing all sorts of abdominal cramping/pain - rheumie appointment in a couple of weeks so will go on again to be sure.

Which means - pain. Stupid PsA.

Anyway, sitting around & surfing a bit and found some gems. If you want some straightforward PsA info and experience, “Walk with Kev” on YouTube is a newer channel that is about living with PsA and what can help. His Insta is all about walking daily - he’s currently at day 168.

But about PAIN…stumbled on this site and spent quite a bit of time following links from it.

Interesting info on dealing with pain, types of pain, ways to deal with pain, etc. Sure, it’s not all relevant but there are some good take aways. We all deal with pain differently and, while it’s not PsA specific, there’s some science based tools we could use. There are links to Ted Talks, books, articles, and free resources…food for thought.

Anyone else have some gems to look up ?

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That’s an interesting resource. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the info, sorry to hear about your Rinvoq disappointment. Perhaps you’ll find that your “abominable” cramps are caused by something else? Hey if anyone in the UK has the contact info. for The Ministry of Silly Walks, please post it here…I’ve tried everything else. Thx!

Sorry Norm, I was unable to find the office for the ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’
But their parent company may help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Monty Python Official Site
I saw a couple of T-shirts specifically for the ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’ but the link wouldn’t work.Tsk
A laugh may help :rofl:

Merl from the Modsupport Team

Thanks @ModSupport im feeling better already!

I had some upper abdominal cramping after about a month on Rinviq. Doc took me off for two weeks then every other day for two weeks. Went away. But, I do have terrible costo and it was in my diaphragm at the time also.

After 2 and a half years on Rinvoq, the only side effect I had were sort of blemishes worse than acne but not quite boils. They would randomly show up anywhere especially on my scalp. Painful and took weeks to go away after bursting. Not nice. Being off Rinvoq for about 3 months, my skin has cleared up back to normal.

Thx for info. I was wondering where they were coming from. I started rinvoq in July.

It doez seem to be helping for than any of the shots, but still limited help.