Low lymphocytes - should I freak out?

I just got some lab results back, and compared to past labs, my lymphocytes have dropped by half. They are very much into the below normal range.

Should I freak out? Web searches have me convinced I've got late stage HIV, TB, or the like.

have you talked to your doctor? Remember some medications do things to our body in which we don't know but docs will know when to worry. I know when I look things up I'm more freaked then I need to be. Hang in there and I wish you well. Hugs

I just picked up Saturday's mail this evening, and the lab results were in there. Hence the late evening freak out. My dr's office is always impossible to get through to on Mondays, as EVERYONE seems to call on Monday. Thought maybe this has happened to others. I'm always amazed at what comes out of pooling knowledge in this group.

By itself it doesn't mean much now low monocytes along with it can have some meaning. it wont be TB or HIV in any event. Its possible you could have PsA, a cold, or be taking a biologic or DMARD drug or even have a hangover. They are also low in the morning or have been fasting, you could also be dehydrated, sedentary too long.